CAO Application Dates and Fees 2023


Without wasting much time, lets quickly see the CAO Application Dates. this will help all our visitors, probably the Student of SA to note the important dates stated.

You should avoid submitting an application close to a closing date. No extensions to closing dates will be allowed and all application fees are non-refundable.

Application Dates

In other not to fall under the category known as CAO late applicants;” where you’ll be charged for late fees, of cause you know the penalty.

Please note that all the Application Dates share one thing in common, and the time is, “5:15 PM.” As a result, make sure you do all the necessary processes and provide all the required data before 5:15 PM.

It is advisable to finalize the process a few weeks before the closing date; hence, beating the deadline rush that comes with numerous unpredictable issues.

Remember that the registrations process does not offer students any extensions, and its fee payment policy does not provide for compensation.


Direct all complaints and inquiries to the CAO  Officials by using the Contact Details Below.

CAO Contact Details: Website, Tel., Postal Address, Physical Address & eMail.



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