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How to Apply Online for SAR

The City of Cape Town e-Services gives you quick access to a range of online services, specifically: career.

Before you can use e-Services, you will have to register for an account.

PLEASE NOTE The e-Services application does not fully support mobile phone or tablet access – please use your laptop or desktop instead. Our applications are best viewed using the latest versions of the following web browsers, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 72+, Firefox 65+ or Safari 12+.

If you are already a City employee, you must apply for available jobs internally.

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Step 1

To apply for a job online, you will first need to register for e-Services and activate the careers service.

Step 2

Once you have activated the service, create an online CV and fill in your personal details, education and training, work experience, and qualifications.

Please include a digital copy of:
  • your ID;
  • a cover letter;
  • Your qualifications, such as a matric certificate, diploma or degree; and any references.

Step 3:

Once you have created your online CV, visit our job search app and look at the available openings that are listed. Use the search filters so that the jobs in the results section match your specific skill set.

Step 4:

When you have found a job that you want to apply for, click on it to start the application process. You will be taken back to e-Services where you will be given a chance to review and update your online CV.

Step 5:

After that, you will have to answer a questionnaire relating to the job you are applying for.

Step 6:

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be asked to update your cover letter and indicate how you found out about the job. The final step lets you review your entire application and, if you are happy with it, you can submit it.

TOP TIP The ‘my applications’ tab in your e-Services profile allows you to see which jobs you have applied for, track the process of your applications, and withdraw job applications if you choose.

For more information, contact the City Call Centre

The City employs over 22 000 staff who perform a wide range of tasks and jobs. If you are interested in applying to work with us, you can follow an online or offline process. All job applications to the City are free of charge.


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