KABU Contact Details: Website, Address, Phone Number & Email


We have compiled a list of Kabarak University (KABU) addresses and contacts together. This list contains the Kabarak University (KABU) Website, Address, Phone Number & Email.

Kabarak University

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KABU Contact Details

Check out the different contact details of Kabarak University (KABU) according to its different campuses below.

Official Kabarak University (KABU) – https://kabarak.ac.ke

Admission Office

Kabarak University Main Campus
P.O.Private Bag 20157 Kabarak
Phone: 020-2114658,0729-223370, 051-2343234/5
Email: registrar@kabarak.ac.ke,
academic_registrar @ kabarak.ac.ke
admissions @ kabarak.ac.ke
Share Compliments/Complaints via feedback@kabarak.ac.ke

Kabarak University Online

Kabarak University Main Campus
P.O.Private Bag 20157 Kabarak
Email: kabuo @ kabarak.ac.ke

Nakuru Town Campus

The Director Kabarak

University Nakuru Town Campus
Private Bag-20157, KABARAK
Phone: +254 020-2240634
Phone: +254 0720 511838
Email: nakurutowncampus @ kabarak.ac.ke
directornakuru @ kabarak.ac.ke


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