Capricorn TVET College Student Email

Student Email is given to all students upon registration into Capricorn TVET College. The process of creating the Capricorn TVET College student email might differ depending on whether you’re a current student, a prospective student, or an applicant.

How to Create Capricorn TVET College Email

Follow the steps below to create an email for yourself.

  1. Click here to Create your student email using the mailbox
  2. Provide the requested information(s)
  3. Follow the steps till completion, then ‘sign in.’

Contact the Capricorn TVET College IT department:

  • The IT department is likely responsible for managing student email accounts. You can find their contact information on the college website or by calling the college’s main number.
  • Explain your situation and ask how to activate your student email account.

If you are having any difficulties on educational matters, drop a comment for us using the comment box below and we will get back to you within 24hrs – 48hrs. For deeper enquiries, please direct your questions to the number provided below.

Tel: 015 230 1800

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  1. when I try to register the student email it says service error what’s wrong

  2. Hello this is Santelia Manganye with I’d 010#####2##85
    Help me with recover the email address , password and number that I used when I applied

    • Hi there, here is what i have to say about your question.

      Try resetting your password: If you can remember the email address you used, you can try resetting your password on the Capricorn College website. This will send you a reset link to your email address.


      Contact Capricorn College directly: They would be the most likely entity to have your application information on file and be able to help you recover it. You can find their contact information on their website or by searching online.

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