DUT Registration Dates 2023


In order to ensure adequate time for application processing, and planning by the university and yourself, applications for early admission in 2023 should be as follows;

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DUT Registration Dates 2023

The Durban University of Technology (DUT) has stated that they will be open and accepting online applications to the 2023/2024 academic year from;

Annual and Semesters

  • Normal Registration Period 22 February to 26 March
  • Extended Registration Period 29 March to 23 April
  • Late Registration Period 26 April to 30 April
  • Late Registration Requests on a case-by-case basis 03 May to 11 May
  • Appeals for Late Registration 12 May to 18 May
  • Final Date for the Addition of Modules 18 May
  • Unregistered Students are not allowed to attend classes/lectures (including Moodle and MS Teams) 19 May to 01 December
  • New Postgraduate Full Research Master’s and Doctorates 30 July 2

Closing Dates for Registration in 2021

1. After the final date for late registration, lecturers will be required to identify any unregistered student/s and submit the list to the HoD.

Action/Person Responsible Date
All Lecturers  From 11 May 2021 for all programmes


2. The HoD will be required to inform all unregistered students that they cannot attend classes.

Action/Person Responsible Date
All-Academic HoDs  From 11 May 2021 for all programmes


3. The assessments of unregistered students must NOT be marked.

Action/Person Responsible Date
All Lecturers  From 11 May


4. The marks/results of assessments must not be given to unregistered students.

HoDs/Lecturers are required to strictly adhere to this request.

Action/Person Responsible Date
All Lecturers  From 11 May

First-Time Remote Students:

Registration will not be taking place ON campus. Registration will only be done REMOTELY using your phone, PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc. wherever you are.

NB: Online Registration is only possible if you have been given an offer, uploaded all required documents, paid the registration fee, or are funded by NSFAS.

For Assistance

WhatsApp DUT Admissions: 0834451282/ 0834460459/ 0834541495 / 0834543477/ 0834516751/ 0834413766
Email: 1styrstudentreg@dut.ac.za
Contact: 031 373 5005


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