University of Ghana School of Law Law 19- Twin Masters Programme

The University of Ghana School of Law is pleased to announce to the University community the opening of applications for the 19 twin Masters Programme, offering both Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Laws (LLM) degrees. This presents a unique opportunity for prospective students to pursue advanced studies.

UG School of Law Masters Programme

Below are details of the UG School of Law 19- Twin Masters Programme.

  1. Corporate and Commercial Law (LLM/MA)
  2. Tax Law, Policy and Practice
  3. National Security Law And Practice (LLM/MA)
  4. Law and Practice of Public Administration (LLM/MA)
  5. Alternative Dispute Resolution (LLM/MA)
  6. Energy Law (LLM/MA)
  7. Gender and Law (LLM/MA)
  8. Health and Ethics (LLM/MA)
  9. Human Rights Law and Practice (LLM/MA)
  10. Information Technology Law (LLM/M)
  11. Law and Development (LLM/MA)
  12. International Law (LLM/MA)
  13. Labour Law (LLM/MA)
  14. Financial Markets Law And Regulation (LLM/MA)
  15. Law for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (LLMIMA)
  16. Law of The Sea and Ocean Governance (LLMIMA)
  17. Maritime Law (LLM/MA)
  18.  Natural Resource Law (LLM/MAl)
  19. Paralegal Practice (LLMIMA)

For more information or enquiry about the University of Ghana School of Law LLM/MA Degree in Law, contact the University of Ghana School of Law through the contact information provided below;

  • CALL: +233 (0) 3039 63750, +233 (0) 3039 58555, +233 (0) 35 I28 24I3, +233 (0) 53 133 0203, +233 (0) 26 431 3626
  • EMAIL:

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