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Oando PLC Job Details

Oando PLC is a Nigerian multinational energy company operating upstream, midstream and downstream. In July 2016, Oando entered into a tri-partite agreement with the Vitol Group, an independent trader of energy commodities and Helios Investment Partner, an Africa-focused private investment firm to form OVH.

  • Position(s): Several
  • Vacancy Type: Permanent/Temporary
  • Company Name: Oando PLC

 How to Apply

To Apply, simply click the linked text below to view broadly the job title you wish to apply on.

Applicants are expected to Send CV to the details here.

Need Help?

The Oando PLC Job Vacancies has been published online on the official website and can be accessed through the Link(s) provided below.

From the Link above, you can access the Oando PLC Job Portal – Oando PLC Vacancies. If there should be any difficulty, please visit the Oando PLC Official website provided above.



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