Banco Africano de Investimentos (BAI) : Purpose, Values, FAQ, Contact Details

BAI arose as an investment bank, which over time began to have a more comprehensive and universal role, given its dynamics and interaction with the socio-economic environment.

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The Bank was originally linked to the private sector. The purpose of its mentors was the desire to do things differently and to actively participate in the country’s economic life. It involved entrepreneurs and companies from various areas, in particular, the civil construction, operating in Angola.


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What Is a BAI Current Account?

The BAI Individual Current Account is a deposit in National Currency (NC) that can be mobilized by the client at any time. With this account, the holder (s) can move their resources securely, flexibly and still have access to BAI’s products and services.

In What Currencies Should the Deposit Be Made?

The deposit must be made in National Currency (NC).

What Is the Cost Associated with The Current Account?

According to the price list in force.

Who Can Open a Current Account?

Any legal person, under public or private law, who wants to maintain a relationship with the Bank and have access to a range of products and services available at BAI.

Who Can Subscribe to The BAI Salary Credit?

Private Clients – employees of public and private companies with an undetermined legal-employment relationship.

Contact Details

Tel: (+244) 222 693 890

(+244) 226 420 990

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