Banco Espírito Santo: Purpose, Values, FAQ, Contact Details


Banco Espírito Santo was a Portuguese bank based in Lisbon that on 4 August 2014 was split in two banks: Novo Banco, which kept its healthy operations, and a “bad bank” to keep its toxic assets. It once was the second-largest listed Portuguese bank and the ninth-largest contributor to the PSI-20 index.


Where Are the Headquarters of Swift?

SWIFT is headquartered in La Hulpe, Belgium.

What Does Bic Stand For?

The BIC acronym stands for “Business Identifier Code”. The terms “swift code” and “BIC code” are used interchangeably. This code is a string of alphanumeric characters assigned to a particular bank or financial institution.

Why Are These Codes Needed and How Are They Used?

Historically, banks and financial institutions have been very localized and controlled by tight regulations. The International Organization for Standards (ISO) has defined the SWIFT-BIC under ISO 9362. It has created standards that can be used by all nations.

These codes are used to identify banks for the wire transfer of money between organizations. By identifying a member bank, electronic money can be moved around and recorded accurately and quickly.

What Specific Financial Services Does the Swift Network Provide?

With the incredible development of technology, more and more electronic devices are being used every day for buying and selling goods and services. The SWIFT network creates a secure environment for receiving messages about financial transactions. SWIFT transfer messages and payments orders. It does not hold accounts, or clear or settle financial transactions.

Why Is Swift so Important?

SWIFT has created a secure network, software and common template, standards and protocols for financial messages around the globe. It has facilitated global financial transactions. These protocols are continually being updated.

Contact Details

Address: Avenida da Liberdade
195 Lisbon, 1200 Portugal.

Tel:. 351-21-350-1000.


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