Can I Still Apply for Late Applications Now?

The application period for late applications in South African universities typically starts in January after the release of matriculation results and closes at the end of March.

Universities may consider late applications only under certain circumstances, such as unfilled spots after the deadline or extenuating circumstances like illness or natural disasters.

Can I Still Apply for Late Applications Now?

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Do All SA Universities Accept Late Applications?

It’s important to remember that not all universities offer late applications, and those that do might only have them for specific programs with open spaces.

Some universities have designated periods for accepting late applications, while others might have rolling admissions or consider applications on a case-by-case basis.

How Do I Know If There are Open Spaces for Late Applications?

Some universities announce late application periods on their official website, social media pages, or news sections. However, the most reliable way to contact the admissions office directly. They can give you specific information about whether they are accepting late applications for your program and what the process is.

If you can’t submit a late application, there are still other options to consider;

Apply to universities with rolling admissions: These universities accept applications continuously until their class is full.

Consider taking a gap year: This can give you more time to prepare your applications and improve your chances of getting accepted into your desired program.

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