Can NSFAS Still Fund Me While Getting SASSA Grant?

Yes, you can still receive NSFAS funding while receiving a SASSA grant.

However, there are some things to consider:

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NSFAS and SASSA are separate programs with different eligibility criteria:

NSFAS focuses on financial aid for tertiary education and considers the combined household income (including SASSA grants) to determine eligibility. The current threshold is a combined income of less than R350,000 per year.

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SASSA provides social relief grants to individuals and families living in poverty, regardless of their education status. Receiving SASSA indicates financial hardship, which aligns with NSFAS’s requirements.

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There are two key scenarios to consider:

1. You are already receiving SASSA and applying for NSFAS:

No issue as long as your combined household income remains below the R350 000 threshold, receiving the SASSA grant will not disqualify you from NSFAS funding.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If approved for NSFAS, you might need to inform SASSA about your change in circumstances, and they may adjust your grant accordingly.

2. You are currently receiving NSFAS and applying for SASSA:

  • Potential overlap: Due to the overlap in eligibility criteria, receiving NSFAS might make you ineligible for the SASSA grant. SASSA prioritizes those with no other source of income.
  • Check with SASSA: If you’re already receiving NSFAS and want to apply for SASSA, it’s best to clarify your eligibility directly with SASSA to avoid potential suspension of either benefit.

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