Your NSFAS Funding Could Be Withdrawn, SEE WHY!

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training to provide financial aid to undergraduate students from poor and working-class backgrounds to help pay for their tertiary education after finishing high school.

The scheme covers the full cost of registration fees and tuition and also provides an allowance for living expenses, including accommodation, transport, learning materials and a meal allowance.

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According to the NSFAS Eligibility Criteria and Conditions for Financial Aid, “NSFAS reserves the right to withdraw or cease financial aid to a student”.

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Why Would NSFAS Withdraw Your Funding?

NSFAS can withdraw funding for a few reasons, broadly falling into two categories: Errors and Ineligibility.


  • Funding error: Sometimes mistakes happen during application processing. You might receive the funding you weren’t eligible for due to an error on NSFAS’s part.
  • Institution error: Similar to the above, the error could be with the institution you applied to.
  • You provided incorrect information: This could be unintentional or not. Make sure all the information you submit is accurate.


This is the term that means not qualifying for something. WHAT MAKES YOU UNQUALIFIED?
  • Changes in circumstances: Your financial situation or academic progress may no longer meet NSFAS requirements.
  • Fraud or misrepresentation: Intentionally misleading NSFAS about your circumstances can lead to funding withdrawal.
  • Double registration: You can’t be registered at two institutions while receiving NSFAS funding.
  • Previous qualifications: NSFAS might not have known about a previous undergraduate qualification you hold.

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What Do You Do if Your NSFAS Funding is Withdrawn?

Students whose NSFAS funding has been unfairly withdrawn can appeal before it’s finalized. Appeals must be submitted within the timeframe specified by NSFAS, which is usually 30 days after a rejection notice is given.

WHAT ARE THE WORST SCENARIOS? If your funding is withdrawn, NSFAS might ask you to repay any funds you received that you weren’t entitled to.

Submit your appeal only through the official channels designated by NSFAS. Using an unauthorized channel will result in your appeal being missed.


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