AKATSICO Contact Details – Website | Address | Email | Tel.


We have compiled a list of the Akatsi College of Education (UG) addresses and contacts together. This list contains the Akatsi College of Education, UG Website, Address, Email & Tel.


Before we continue, let’s take a brief tour learning what really the University,s about.

Akatsi College of Education is a teacher training college located at Akatsi in the Volta Region of Ghana. It was established on 1 October 1963. Its motto is “Quality teacher education in a changing society,” and the college is home to more than 700 students. 

If you are looking for the Akatsi College of Education, UG Contact Details, the information below is quite helpful and can be used positively.

AKATSICO Contact Details

Website: www.akatsico.edu.gh

Address: 6°07’32. 0°48’06., 5 Street 1, Ghana

Email: info@akatsico.edu.gh


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