ARB Apex Bank: Purpose, Values, FAQ, Contact Details

ARB Apex Bank is a mini central bank for the Rural & Community Banks. The basic facts: January 2000 – the bank was registered as a public limited liability company June 2001 – received a banking license August 2001 – admitted to the Bankers Clearing House as the 19th member. It started its banking business on 2 July 2002.

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ARB Apex Bank functions as a ‘mini-central bank’, providing infrastructure services to 143 Ghanaian rural and community banks (RCBs) to help them grow market share and increase financial inclusion.


Core Values
  • Speed.
  • Efficiency.
  • Respect.
  • Versatility.
  • Integrity.
  • Commitment.
  • Effectiveness.


To remain the most effective and efficient service provider to the RCBs.


To provide banking and non-banking services to the satisfaction of the RCBs and other stakeholders.


What Is Apex Bank?

Apex Bank is a forward-thinking community bank in the state of Tennessee, progressively looking for ways to re-invent banking for our customers and the communities we serve. We are dedicated to providing the best banking services and overall customer experience.

What Are the Functions of Apex Bank?

Apex Bank’s Functions

  • Keep accounts and maintain primary cash reserves.
  • Monitor, inspect, supervise and ensure compliance.
  • Lend funds.
  • Handle cheque clearing activities.
  • Provide specie services.
  • Supply cash and receive excess cash.
  • Render funds management services.
  • Guarantee payment instruments.

How Many Rural Banks Are in Ghana?

Currently, there are 137 rural banks operating in the country.

Is SBI an Apex Institution?

SBI already has five Apex Training Institutes (ATIs) but for its own staff. To be positioned as a ‘centre of excellence’, it will be a leading institute in banking and financial services in emerging economies, according to an advertisement posted by SBI for the position of dean at the proposed institute.

Contact Details

Arb Apex Bank Ltd. head Office

Address: No. 5, 9th Road,
Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue,
South Ridge, Accra
P. O. Box GP 20321, Accra

Tel: 030 277 1738 / 277 2129 / 277 2034
Fax: 233 30 277 2260

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