Ghana NSS Certificate: How to Get National Service Certificate 2024/2025

Here is the detailed guide on how to request the Ghana National Service Certificate, NSS and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time from all regions of the country.

In other to get the Ghana NSS Certificate delivered to you, there are set-out requirements to adhere to.

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NSS Certificate Request Requirements

  • Personnel must have completed their mandatory one (1) year (12 months) National service.
  • Personnel must have had their annual assessment form filled with a fair assessment of their performance by their immediate supervisor or Head of the User Agency where served.
  • Assessment forms must have been submitted at the various District offices of the scheme where the Agency is located
  • Submit your NSS Number for verification in the field provided
  • Submit your Means of Identification
  • Fill in your details in the request form displayed
  • Make payment for delivery using any of the several options available

How to Request for The National Service Certificate

Below are the step-by-step guide of 1-10 to assist you on how to Request for The Ghana NSS Certificate.


To begin the national service certificate request visit


Check Certificate Status by entering your NSS Number on the given space and click “check” to proceed.

Get your National Service Certificate
Get your National Service Certificate Delivered to your doorstep.

However, if you have forgotten your national service number do not worry, just navigate to the “Don’t Know your NSS Number?” then follow the given procedure till completion.

Don't Know your NSS Number?
Don’t know your NSS Number?

Note that the details you provide in this field must correspond with the details you used during your national service registration


After providing the right details and clicking on the “Search” button, the first stage of the national service certificate request process shows up.

This first stage form shows, pre-filled with details such as your national service number, full name, region of service, institution attended, district of service, course of study and your ID card.

You are required to fill your residential address in the address column, your Ghana post-digital address(GPS Digital address), your area of residence, closest landmark, city of residence and region in the provided fields. After filling in the required details, click next.


The next stage is the “Electronic Consent Authorization Confirmation”.

This stage requires you to give “Consent to Release Information form Education Records”. What this means is for you to provide your signature to give consent.

Below the lower-left corner of the page, you are to draw your signature. This can be a little hectic if you have a complex signature. The mouse is not suitable for drawing a signature but do not worry. Your signature does not have to be the exact match. After drawing your signature click on the “Submit Consent” button.


After the “Electronic Consent Authorization Confirmation” stage, the details preview stage shows. This stage previews all the details you have entered including the pre-filled details, your ID card and your signature.

Some details on this form are your national service number, your full name, region of service, institution attended, district of service, course of study, your ID card, your residential address, your Ghana post-digital address (GPS Digital address), your area of residence, closest landmark, city of residence and region.


The payment stage.

At this stage, you are to choose a payment platform to make payment for the delivery of your national service certificate. The cost of the national service certificate delivery is 31.52 Cedis as of the 2024/2024 national service year. There are only two platforms to choose from, which is;

  1. MTN mobile money
  2. Express pay.


Upon clicking on the MTN mobile money option, it drops to reveal the cost of the national service certificate delivery service and requires you to enter your MTN mobile money number to proceed. After entering your MTN mobile money number, click on the “Pay with MTN Mobile Money” button to continue.


After, the payment approval page shows up.

You are required to access your mobile money wallet on your phone and make approval of the transaction. This page will remain until you have approved the transaction on your mobile money and click the “Verify” button.

There is supposed to be a “Verify” button on this page but it is not there. But do not worry. After approving the transaction on your phone just refresh or reload the page for it to take effect.


To approve the transaction with mobile money, simply follow the instruction below:

  • Dial *170# select Option 7, My Wallet.
  • Select Option 3 for My Approvals.
  • Enter PIN to get your Pending Approval List
  • Select the pending transaction to approve
  • Select Option 1 YES to approve the transaction


After the verification stage, the final stage of the national service certificate request process shows up. This page shows a congratulations message to alert you that you are done. It states ”Your Payment for the delivery of your NSS Certificate has been received and your Request Order has been submitted successfully.”

We hope this helps you with How to Get National Service Certificate. Our next post will be on “How To Get A PDF Copy Of Your National Service Certificate Instantly”, please follow us in other to get notifications on our next post.

For more information, contact the official Ghana National Service Certificate, NSS for help.

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