How to Register for Re-Sit/Repeat Examination – Ghana Regular Students 2024/2025

Ghana Regular students have the option to re-sit failed courses during the main examination or one week before re-opening of each semester.

The Supplementary re-sit examination is opened to ONLY Ghana students who have failed (grade E or F) previously registered course(s).

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How to Register for Re-Sit/Repeat Examination in Ghana

➡ How to Register for Re-Sit/Repeat Examination – Ghana Distance Education Students.

The steps for Ghana registration are as indicated below:

STEP 1: Re-Sit Approval

Click on the link below to download the respective resit forms (for students who should have completed only).

  • Download the appropriate re-sit approval form below, print it out and fill in the required details.
  • Send to the relevant Department(s) for endorsement.
  • Leave a copy of the re-sit form at the Department for their records.

» Resit Registration for Ghana Continuing Students
» Resit Forms for Gh Students who should have Completed

STEP 2: Re-Sit Payment

Submit another copy of the endorsed form to the Cash Office at the Registry to be enabled to pay the required fees for online registration.

  • Pay for the number of courses you want to re-sit at the Cash Office before you start the registration.
  • Once payment had been made at the Cash Office, you wait for 24 hours before going online to register.
  • Students who should have completed should present the receipt of payment and a copy of the form to the Academic Affairs Office to complete the process.
  • Click here for a schedule of re-sit fees.

Note that if you do not pay the requisite fees for all courses indicated, you cannot register.

STEP 3: Online Registration

You may register online 24 hours after payment at the Cash Office. Students who should have completed cannot register online.

Step 1

Go to the re-sit registration page at

Step 2

Log in with your UG Student ID and MIS Web PIN

Step 3

After a successful login, click on “Re-sit Registration” (this will be found against your name)

Step 4

Click on the plus sign (+) below your profile to add a course you want to re-sit

Step 5

On the registration page, click on “Select Course” to bring up the course lookup dialogue box.

Step 6

In the search box, type the course code of the course you want to re-sit without space, (E.g. POLI 211).

Step 7

Tick the box by the course and click on “Select” below

Step 8

Select the period you wish to write the exams. There are two options; End of Semester Examination and Inter-Semester Break Supplementary Examination.

Step 9

Click on the “Register” button to register for the course

Step 10

Repeat steps 4 to 9 until you have registered all your re-sit courses.

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