Habib Overseas Bank Limited (HBL) : Purpose, Values, FAQ, Contact Details

Habib Bank Limited is a Pakistani multinational bank based in Habib Bank Plaza, Karachi, Pakistan

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To provide a specialized range of banking products by understanding and fulfilling the needs of our customers via knowledgeable, experienced and professional staff who offer personal, friendly, efficient and secure service.


  • Integrity
  • Customer Centric
  • Value People
  • Excellence
  • Progressive


Who Is the Owner of Habib Bank Limited?

Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development

Who Owns Habib Bank Zurich?

Ownership. The bank is fully owned by Gefan Finanz AG (incorporated in Zug), which is in turn owned by a trust structure. The trust is 100% owned by members of the Mohamedali Habib branch of the Habib family.

Is HBL International Bank?

Embarking on a progressive journey, HBL continued to grow and expand in the successive years. The Bank’s first international branch opened in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951, while the construction of the iconic Habib Bank Plaza was completed in 1972, the year that also marked the commemoration of HBL’s 25th anniversary.

Is HBL a Govt Bank?

In February 2004, the Bank was privatized and management control was handed over to AKFED. By April 2015, the Government of Pakistan divested its entire shareholding of 41.5% through the Privatization Commission of Pakistan, making HBL Pakistan’s largest private Bank.

What Does HBL Stand for In the Army?

Holiday Block Leave Frequently Asked Questions. HBL Basics. Staying at FLW.

Contact Details

Address: 29 Salisbury Ave, Durban
Technology House

Tel: 031 270 2600
Fax: 031 270 2633
Email: sazone@hbzbank.co.za

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