Lyceum College Student Portal Login –

The Lyceum College Student Portal provides help for the student to perform certain academic actions.

You need the Lyceum College Student Portal because it has the following features: Applying online, Results, Timetable, Assignments, Study Material, Account Enquiry, Edit Personal Details, Change Password, Online Exams.

How To Login to Lyceum College Student Portal

  1. Visit the Lyceum College website:
  2. Click on “MENU” in the centre of the page header
  3. Then select “STUDENT PORTAL”
  4. Once the login area is open, field in your matriculation number or student ID and password.
  5. Click the “NEXT” button to proceed.

If you encounter any issues logging in, such as forgetting your password, you can usually find a “Forgot Password?” link on the login page. Clicking on this link will guide you through the process of resetting your password.

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  1. I can not get access to the student portal. Ps assist me. I have lost my password

  2. Hi pls on my student portal i can not find my exam time table and exam venue…please help

  3. Hi, I cannot open my student portal, tried on chrome as well it doesn’t, I phoned and the phoned the number Eunice gave and they ring with no answer, can I please get assistance, my number is 0847732038

  4. Hi, I cannot open my student portal, tried on chrome as well it doesn’t open, I phoned and the phoned but there is no answer o the 011 712 2000 & 2001 & 2270.

    Please Assist me as I need to know my Assignment Results.

    Kind Regards
    Nathi Mthethwa
    Cell: 078 910 2271

  5. Please assist,i forgot my password even when trying to reset it.keeps on saying my email address is not on your system. And this email address is the one i registered with.please help.

  6. Hello there,
    If you cant access your Student Portal; forgotten password, email not accepted. To get over all these problems you always encounter, please use the linked text below…

    How to Change/Reset Lyceum College Student Portal Login Password

    Lyceum College Contact Details: Website, Address, Phone Number and More

  7. Hie, I need my result for 2019 October exams. When I log in they say I must click PDFbut it can’t show o

    • Hello there,
      The reason why it’s happening that way is that PDF documents can only be opened with Adobe Acrobat.

      Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your device? If no, Simply login to your play store and request for one using your search box.

      Hope this information is helpful.

  8. My password that I was using since last year today it says is wrong when I enter and I didn’t see my results because of that problem

  9. Good day, my password is expired can you create another one please student number is 152797

  10. Please help me to login to my student portal student number 158906

    • Hi there,
      With this information you should be able to log in to your students Portal.

      This information should be unrevielled to anyone, it’s is dangerous because harkers can take advantage of your account details

      WHAT TO DO:
      Immidiatly, visit the school website, probably the students Portal, and forget your password.


  11. Hi please help me with my axam results of october 2019

  12. Sakhile Jane Sikhosana

    Hi can you pls help me I can’t logg in to my student portal

  13. Ntombentsha Winifred Fortuin

    Can you please at list send my results by sms as i can’t get through them on my email address and i can’t open my student Portal please contact me by sms my number is 0768675812 thank you

  14. Please assist me, i can’t open my student portal becouse of password i tried many times and i also created new Password but it doesn’t work, i am a first year student for deplome in grade R please help

  15. I can not get access to student portal, please assist.

  16. Lucky Nhlanhla Gule

    good afternoon
    can i please have the time table for may 2020. I have been trying to call Yolande on 011 712 2023 which was given to me by Helen but the phone is not answered. I need the time table to plan accordingly please or if possible can i have the time table through my e mail address.

  17. Sokwanele Patricia

    Hi I forgot my password i need to see my result

  18. I am registered and I am trying to excess Student Portal,

  19. I can’t access the student portal,can you please help me with logging in?

  20. nkadimeng nkokwane chrasta

    Comment:hi i forget my password and i want to see my results and exam timetable

  21. Hi iam failing to login to student portal I want to see my Mark’s for my assignment can I receive them as an sms plz

  22. Please help me im a new student i dont have a password i can’t even create a new one because I’ve been trying no luck

  23. I cannot get access to student portal please help me to log in

  24. Nicholas Makamu

    hello, I am unable to log into old student portal and the new site (My lyceum student portal).
    I am a final year student @ Lyceum doing Fleet management: Diploma.
    it is becoming frustrating and emotionally draining to be unable to log in specially during this period of COVID-19 pandamic

  25. i have register on the website but now whwn i want to log on to access study material i unable to so. i have entered my student number and password is only the welcome page that i received i cannot proceed with the login on.

  26. Prudance Khumalo

    Hello my name is prudance i was a student at lyceum 2019 now i forget my password so when i click on i forget my password it’s say my password has lost so please help me i want to login and put my New password please assist me

    • Hi there

      On the login page, click on forgot password, and the inset a new password, confirm the new password and use that password to always login (Please keep the new password safe)

  27. Suzan Sibongile Mbele

    How do I log in to the new student portal?

  28. Please help how to create mylyceum portal I am new in this

  29. good morning
    kindly assist. i am trying to log on lyceum portal, i put my student number and password and there is a page page that say lyceum welcome Dikeledi which is my name. is only that page. no other pages.

  30. Mphahlele Ramadimetje Glory

    Good evening
    I have a problem here in login in . Could you please assist me

  31. Good day
    I did fill in a new password and i confirm it .i am a new student its my first time i log into these but it keep on saying wrong password.

  32. Please assist 👏

  33. Am unable to log on to the student portal and its telling about Microsoft account. My student number is 136850 can you please assist

  34. Hi cnt open stedent portal link i dnt knw if it’s offline pls help me.

  35. Hi cnt open stedent portal link i dnt knw if it’s offline pls help me.

  36. Maswanganyi Risimati Samuel


  37. Maswanganyi Risimati Samuel

    I am unable to log in. I tried several times but access the information that I desperately need. Please assist me.

  38. Nqobile Thandekile Shangase

    Please I can’t access my student portal

  39. Nqobile Thandekile Shangase

    I can’t access my student portal. Kindly assist

  40. To whom this may concern.

    I have been trying to log in to my student portal but did not succeed please help.

  41. mapula madubanya

    Good Day …my name is Mapula and my student number is 161903 Im trying to log in to my lyceum and I forgot the password n keeps on saying I must try it again and again. I wish to have an access to my assignment results and also to choose the examination centre for final exam please.

  42. Angelina Magaela

    Morning im trying to log in on my student portal to check my time is not opening for me,i want to know how can i see my time table,thank u

  43. Angelina Magaela

    Morning im trying to log in on my student portal to check my time table but is not opening for me so how can i check my time table

  44. Please help I can not access my student portal. what is happening that we have so much problems logging im

  45. Please assist me, I can’t seem to be able to open my student portal.
    it doesn’t want to open, please help.

  46. Please send me a link to access my new portal

  47. My registration for mylyceum was not completed .How can I finalize it and be able to get confirmation about being registered for exams and receive online timetable?

  48. Am was busy trying to access my new portal but I can not get in it. Please can you guys help please it gives a problem.And they tried sending me email how to get in but still I can not get through it.

  49. Hey, please assist me on how to register for examinations online I’ve trying but I’m failing and I also can’t get an access to my student portal please help….. my contact 0793265456

  50. Hi i have a problem registering on student portal can someone help me please

  51. please help me to create my student portal, am struggling with this app

  52. Hi I have been trying to log in my student portal for my time table but did not succeed please help

  53. Hi i cant access to the portal ,please assist me ,i have been trying several times and send email no body reply back ,how am i going to get my Exam timetable ,please help.

  54. I have tried opening my old student portal it only says I’m online nothing else where would I get my time table this is confusing

  55. Nkhathutsheleni Robert Ravhanga

    Good day
    Since the introduction of mylyceum student portal I’ve been struggling to log in. Now the system doesn’t allow me to log in. My problem now is I don’t even know the new updates regarding the October examination.

  56. Hi.Help me please I’ve been struggling to log in to my Lyceum student portal.

  57. Hi, I tried many times to log in to the student portal and im struggling. Can you please kindly help thanks

  58. Hello i want to go to student portal

  59. Good day,

    I have tried several times now to lock into my Microsoft account but were unsuccessful as my password is incorrect Everytime.

    Kindly advise.

    Kind regards
    Olivia Keldin

  60. the student portal is not opening I have tried several time with no success, though it shows that I am logged in but it doesn’t show the menu where I can select the printing of my time table. and when I try calling the offices the don’t pick up. so stressing.
    and I am about to write exams on the 7th of October.,

  61. Kindly advise with student username and password as I I can’t find

  62. Am unable to login on my portal ..what can I do?

  63. Am unable to login on my portal ..what can I do? Am my Microsoft password is always incorrect what imust do cause I have to write online examination.

  64. on the 05/10/2020 i was surpose to write exams but to no avail due to exam application procesure, i think the college do not care about their student,i have try to access the exam questions but did not appear, i will prefer to write my exam manually

  65. I can’t get my timetable

  66. Hi i cant find my timetable

  67. Good Morning Lyceum college!… I’m suppose to write my on-line exam today Public Law.. I dont know where to click on the student portal please help!… Anyone please help…

  68. pleas guys I am trying this online exam to in how do I get into that side of online exam?

  69. Cannot login

  70. I am having an problem to register tonportal pls help…

  71. I am having a problem I cnt login the Microsoft password is always incorrect and I have been blocked jow because of too many attempts..pls help

  72. How do you access Lyceum student portal for the first time
    How do you sign up if you dont have an account

  73. I failed to sign in at portal it says sign in not complete

  74. I haven’t received my study materials yet I applied on 16 Sept 2020

  75. Good day

    I can’t open my student portal PLEASE HELP. The first option is asking for Microsoft account that I don’t have then the second option I can log in but it’s just blank. Please what can I do

  76. I forgot my student login password can u please assist me

  77. I can’t access my Exam result for 2020 , there are not uploaded on student portal , it still shows the one for 2019. I’ve tried to contact the college but no answer .

    I have downloaded the app still no result . I’ve sent an email to exam enquirers still no respond

    Who can assist me further urgently

  78. Need help with Lyceum can’t login

  79. Im just so disappointed a d tired of trying to get hold of someone that can help me. Ive called, sending emails , whatsap. No response, only machines. I just want to finish pls is there any one that can help me , 😔

  80. kindly assist me – Cannot access my Lyceum college. I received my study guide for Metropolitan Police Science 3 and Traffic Science 3 registered for 2022 but unfortunately there are no Assignment Questions. I cannot access myLyceum features – please help. I last registered with the college in 2019.

  81. alizan plaaitjies

    good day,
    i am reading each and everyone concerns. i am unable to access the student portal as well. is there anyone who at lyceum who is able to help. this is ridiculous.

  82. I’m struggling to access my student portal my student number is 167680

  83. Buzani Purity Cebekhulu

    I cannot login my lycium app is not working

  84. I need to know how to check results on Lyceum College Portal

  85. Mokone Samuel Koetle

    I’m a new student, I can’t login. It says ” account has been blocked temporarily”.

  86. Mokone Samuel Koetle

    I need an assistance in terms of registering my account.

  87. My password and username can’t give me access to login. Can i get login details?

  88. Hi I’m a first year student in Lyceum I tried to call about my student and password. Now I received a call from the Assossor she needs my student number and details. Please help because I don’t know my student number

  89. Hi can you please help me because i have not received my results, i was doing Operation management in 2020 to 2021 and i submitted my assignments and wrote my exams in 2021 my student number is 163791 please assist.

  90. failing to log in its keep on saying error

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