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The Vaal University of Technology, VUT Student Portal provides help for the student to perform certain academic actions like;

Check VUT Course Registration, Fees Payment, Exam Results, Admission Online Application, Application Status, Acceptance Fees Payment, Timetable, Academic Calander, Application Status and more here on Beraportal and My VUT login –

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VUT Student Portal Login

There are two main portals for the Vaal University of Technology students,


This is the main student portal where you can access various services such as academic records, financial statements, timetables, and online applications.

Here’s how to log in to iEnabler:

  1. Go to the Vaal University of Technology iEnabler login page:
  2. Enter your student number and click “Request PIN“.
  3. A PIN will be sent to your VUT email account.
  4. Go to your VUT email (your student number is your username and your date of birth is your password) and check for the PIN.
  5. Enter the PIN in the iEnabler login page and click “Login“.

 VUT Student Portal

This portal provides access to information and resources specific to students, such as the academic calendar, VUTela e-learning platform, and student support services.

Here’s how to log in to the VUT Student Portal:

  1. Go to the VUT Student Portal website:
  2. Click on “Student Self-Service“.
  3. Enter your student number and password.
  4. Click on “Login“.


  • If you are a new student, you will need to register for an iEnabler account before you can log in. You can do this by clicking on “New User Registration” on the iEnabler login page.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can click on “Forgot Password?” on either of the login pages.
  • If you are having trouble logging in, you can contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.

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  1. I can’t find the 2020 fee Structure for Afda

  2. Please may we have fees structure for 2020

  3. Can i please have fee structure of Btech chemistry as per subject cost

  4. Hlologelo Dilebo

    I would like to know about the fees of travel and tourism course

  5. Want to know about fees tourism management

  6. Matjiuhildah@gmail

    Financial management fees new application

  7. Hii… I would like to get your fees structure for this year please

  8. Hi,I’ve been struggling to login into the VUT Student portal.I’ve requested for the pin and it read successful but I haven’t received the pin,I think the problem is I haven’t linked my email correctly,I don’t know how to do so,please help.


  10. I had applied in BUT for enrollment on the year 2018, I am trying to retrieve my student number so I can re-apply for the year 2021. my id no is 9906186015***, thanks for your assistance

  11. I’ve been trying to apply to vut but it always say applications are not currently processed and Its been weeks now

  12. I hav been trying to find structural fees for 2021 for central university of technology but I don’t get any information.

  13. I want Information Technology fees..kindly assist pls

  14. Good day.
    Is possible for VUT to resend a student number?
    and why is it when I do a self-check there is no information under my ID number?

  15. I wish to find out, as a matter of urgency, the average cost per annum of study towards a 4-year LLB degree at the University of the Western Cape. My daughter plans to study there in 2021.

    I have not been to get any information on this matter on the official website of UWC.

    Best regards

  16. Good day. I lost my student number , is it possible to log in without it?

  17. I have BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I want information on MSc Computer Science / BSc Computer Science :
    2.Scholarship /Financial Aid
    3 100% online / Residential

  18. Please help.
    I applied for 2019 now I want to re-apply for 2021 but it keeps saying “ID already exists in system” and I forgot my student number how can I retrieve my student number so that I can get a pin and re-apply

  19. Keitumetse Raisibe

    They my id already exist but when I fill it in it says no information.

  20. I applied 2019 using a form when I apply again this year it says ID number already exists

  21. Good day
    I forgot my student number and I want to do readmission.

    Chally Mulaudzi

  22. Good day
    I forgot my student number and I want to do readmission.


    • Hi i was hopping you could halp with some information on how you managed to get your student number please i am struggling with my application

  23. Silindokuhle Siboniso Ndlovu

    How do I get my student number, since no one is responding to my emails or taking my calls

  24. Kago Godfrey Gaeonale

    I lost my student number, and I need to reapply. But I changed my email address and contacts. Will you help me?

  25. i forgot my student number how can i get ?

  26. I also lost my student number and I need to reapply, what are the steps to be followed?

  27. Iam planning to study parttime for the Advanved Diploma Human Resource Management(ADGH19) but the TUT site does not provide provision for where I can access a fees estimate calculator gpr below module

    Kindly assist with the fee estimate.

  28. Can you please help me unlock my student portal

  29. I don’t have login in pin n i want to re-apply again. So what should I do to get the pin

  30. Xihlamariso Silaule

    I lost my student number how to retrieve it for a new application.aid number 0208276101985

  31. Xihlamariso Silaule

    I lost my student number how to retrieve it for a new application.aid nu


    I forgot my student number and pic so what must I do ? please help me !!

  33. Hi i was hopping you could halp with some information on how you managed to get your student number please i am struggling with my application

  34. I lost my student number and pin I need to reapply, which steps must I follow

  35. Lost my student n pin I want to re apply for admission

  36. I forgot my student number so how can I access my status without using student number.?

  37. Celiwe Tshengisile Sokhela

    I forgot my sudent number, how can i get it?

  38. I lost my student number can I get it back ?

  39. I forgot my pin for iTS enabler and I keep requesting for a pin but when I check my emails there’s no email. What could be the problem? Please help.

  40. I have lost my student number and I need to re apply fast. How can I get it if I changed my email too?

  41. I am a returning student in 2021 but i have tried all the ways to find out what i should do in order for me to be finacially cleared and register for year 2021.

    please help me with fees department contacts details

    • Hi there,
      We are sorry, the fees departments contacts details have not been released, please visit the website for help

    • Hi there,
      Below are the fees departments contacts details
      Tel: +27(0)16 950 9000
      Tel: +27 (0)16 950 9924

  42. I forgot a student number so cannot complete my applications for reasdmission.
    Thobela NOLUNDI Jennifer
    ID number 0003150738080
    Cellphone 0649879941
    Email address

  43. Hey I have lost my student number n pin …can you please help

  44. I lost my student number can I be able to log in without it

  45. I Applied Last Year , I’m Trying To Apply Again But It Keeps On Saying My ID Already Exist In Biographical Subsystem . What Must I do ?

  46. I’ve used wrong email for my applications so I hv student number but idnt have a pin when I request they say they’ve sent it to my email ND I don’t reserve anything here

  47. I have registered, but haven’t received my student number and password to complete my application form.

  48. Hi, I applied and I have not been responded to for my first choice (LLB)
    My ID is u17240965

  49. I applied 2019 so I want to re-apply but it says Id already exists and I lost my student number what should I do??

  50. hi i want to apply for second semester 2021,is there a link i can directly use to apply because its been a week trying to apply but to no avail and closing date is due soon pls help

  51. hi there, i lost my student number so i cant able to register. please help

  52. I’m trying to locate information on the course fees of national diploma in traffic science as I intend to register for next year but all I get is information on registration fees instead
    I want details course fees as I will be paying cash

  53. I would like to apply for a diploma in Nursing course, can you furnish me with the process to follow, I have made an application through CAO

  54. I applyed i didnt receive my student number an the pin and i wanna submitt the documents

  55. Hi, I want to do Diploma in Financial Accounting with you in 2023 so I want know about the fees.

  56. SINDISIWE Buthelezi

    how can reapply


  58. how to do if you have outstanding document

  59. Greetings.
    i am unable to access fees for cyber security course. please help

  60. Good day we cannot see if Higher Certificate of BEd is available second semester.

    Please advise.

  61. hey ,I’m kidding requesting for the link I can use to request for my student no and pin…coz when I’m requesting it they are sending it to the old email that I no longer use so I wanna request it using the current email

  62. Hello, could you kindly assist.

    I am looking for a link where I can find a fee structure plan for this coming academic year 2024 – 2025.

    If you could send me the file, i’d appreciate. Local fees and international fees, if possible please.

    Kind regards,

  63. I can’t update my pin

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