R350 SASSA Grant Payments Dates For December

you are going to get your SRD grant payment, here are the R350 grant payment dates for December 2023.

With a new month comes a new set of payment dates for R350 grant payments.

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R350 Grant Payments Dates For December 2023

It is important to understand the various ways in which these Sassa grant payments are made; Through the bank, Post Office, cash send or through a retailer.

SRD payments are usually during the final week of a calendar month, December 2023 is different. Sassa does not pay grants on public holidays or weekends.

There are two public holidays in the final week of December 2023 which necessitated the earlier payment of grants.

Payments for December will start on 18-22 December 2023.


Grant beneficiaries should also wait until they receive an SMS confirmation that their R350 grant is ready before going to collect it.

Funds will take about 2 – 3 working days to reflect in the client’s account after payment has been processed.

If you collect your R350 grant through a bank account, you should be aware that there is no set payment date, since Sassa has promised beneficiaries that they will receive their money.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sassa does not pay out the R350 grant within the same period as other grants.

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    Why my status still pending for more than 14 days yet you say it’s only takes 7 days to screen the application????

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