Sassa Cash Pay Points Closures

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) made an official announcement that Post Offices will no longer be paying Sassa grants in cash to beneficiaries.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is in the process of phasing out all cash pay points for social grants by April 2024. This means that beneficiaries who currently collect their grants at cash pay points will need to switch to another method of withdrawal.

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Sassa Releases Schedule For Cash Pay Points Closures

Here’s a breakdown of the timeline and key points:


  • Started: January 2024
  • Ends: April 2024
  • Schedule:
    • Cash pay points serving fewer than 50 beneficiaries closed at the end of January 2024.
    • Cash pay points serving 51 to 100 beneficiaries closed at the end of February 2024.
    • All remaining cash pay points closed at the end of March 2024.


  • Affected beneficiaries: Only a small percentage of beneficiaries (around 0.8%) still use cash pay points.
  • Alternative methods: Sassa encourages beneficiaries to switch to alternative methods of withdrawing their grants, such as:
    • Sassa/Postbank cards: Most beneficiaries already have these cards, which can be used at ATMs and participating retail outlets.
    • Bank accounts: Beneficiaries can choose to have their grants paid directly into their bank accounts.
  • Support for transition: Sassa is providing information and support to help beneficiaries switch to alternative methods. This includes community engagements, FAQs, and assistance at Sassa offices.


While the move towards electronic payments aims to improve security and efficiency, some concerns have been raised, particularly about the impact on beneficiaries in rural areas who may lack access to banks or ATMs. Organizations like Black Sash have been critical of the lack of consultation with affected communities and argue that the closures could have a “devastating” effect on some beneficiaries.

Sassa Gold Cards

Sassa grant beneficiaries with expiring cards can continue to use their Sassa cards for Sassa grant payments.

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