UPDATED: TUT Application Status and It Different Meaning 2024/2025

The Tshwane University of Technology, TUT first-year applicants find it difficult to interpret what the application status says. In this post, we will be explaining different TUT application status messages and their meanings.

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TUT Application Status and Its Different Meaning

What does your Tshwane University of Technology status reflect?

Here are the possible messages we have gathered and their meaning.

“No Further Can Be Considered”

It means that your application is being reviewed. The interview is requested if your qualifications match the position.

“Unconditionally Acceptance”

It shows that you have been accepted with no CONDITIONS such as interviews, selection test or any other assignment and you will be able to register during the Jan-Feb registration Window period.

Conditional Acceptance”

You are accepted, but you may still have other conditions that can hinder or prevent your registration in Jan-Feb Windows such as your Grade 12 results which haven’t yet been issued, and Some pending documents. Outstanding or any assignments yet to be revised/reviewed.

“In Process”

Your Application has been Captured and processed but it has not yet been given a final status and you cannot register under the normal registration rules until approved successfully.

If you are in this category it is advisable to wait until they finish processing.


In this category, it is regretted that you cannot register, the remedy is your second choice is processed. Should your application fail at your second choice attempt, you can only consider submitting a Re-Admission Application and submit a different course, that has a lower APS than the initial.

“Course Full”

It states that your course is FULL, and you cannot get an enrollment at that stage. The remedy is your second option in the process. If they both fail you can alternatively apply through Re-Admission for the next admissions intake?

“Admission with No Status”

Here your application has been Captured but not yet processed. You have to wait until the final status, and you cannot register at the normal registration rule until approved.

“Course “Omitted”- ID copy, Certificate, Indemnity, Results”

In this category, your Application has been Captured but you omitted or did not submit the stated. You must send it or fax it to 012 382 5114 or submit it through the post office.

“Interview / Selection Test”

In this category, there is still an assignment to be made before approval or denial. In most cases, you won’t find a date to attend since the department does not have or know the appropriate time for you. Therefore, you need to call your department or admissions office to organise a proper time to attend. However, there is a stated period of negotiating your day.

“ID Not Found on System”

In this condition, you might have submitted your application with a hard copy, received but not yet captured already.

OR your application might have not reached the TUT admission office already (or never will arrive) Due to conditions such as wrong address when applying or being lost along the way to TUT.  It is advisable to call the admission office if you are in this state.

If you are Accepted and wish to be considered for your second option you are allowed to do so, in writing or by calling the department or admission office.

“Improved Marks”

Seeing “Improved marks” on your TUT application status can have a few different meanings, depending on your specific situation:

Uploading improved Matric/Grade 12 results:

  • If you were initially applying with results that didn’t meet the minimum entry requirements for your chosen course and have since improved those results (through rewrites or supplementary exams), uploading the new documents would trigger the “Improved marks” status.
  • This doesn’t guarantee admission, but it shows the university that you’ve taken steps to address their concerns.

Currently Upgrading Matric/Grade 12 Results:

  • If you’re still in the process of upgrading your results and haven’t submitted the new documents yet, the “Improved marks” status could be a reminder to provide them as soon as possible.
  • You might also consider uploading a letter from the institution where you’re upgrading, stating your progress and expected completion date.

Missing Document Related to Improved Marks:

  • There’s a slight chance the status signifies a missing document related to your improved marks. For instance, perhaps you uploaded the new results but not the official transcript or proof of authenticity.
  • Double-check the TUT website or contact the admissions office for specific instructions on the required documents for improved marks.

For all unstated application statuses, you can also call the department or admission office.


The Tshwane University of Technology, TUT contact details are as follows:

  • Contact Centre: 082 110 2421
  • Switchboard: 086 110 24 22
  • Main Tel.: 012 382 5911
  • Fax: 012 382 5114
  • Email for General Enquiries: general@tut.ac.za
  • Address: Private BagX680
    Staatsartillerie Road, Pretoria West
  • Website: www.tut.ac.za

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