UBS Group AG: Purpose, Values, FAQ, Contact Details 2023


UBS Group AG is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company founded and based in Switzerland. Co-headquartered in the cities of Zürich and Basel, it maintains a presence in all major financial centres as the largest Swiss banking institution in the world.

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UBS is the preeminent universal bank in Switzerland, the only country where we operate in all five of our business areas: personal banking, wealth management, corporate and institutional clients , investment bank and asset management.


  • Integrity. We are responsible and accountable for what we say and do, and for UBS’s reputation.
  • We care about our clients, our investors and our colleagues.
  • We act as role models by treating others the way we would like to be treated.


What Does the Ag in UBS Ag Stand For?

UBS AG is incorporated and domiciled in Switzerland and operates under the Swiss Code of Obligations as an Aktiengesellschaft, a corporation limited by shares. UBS AG is a bank and was formed on 29 June 1998, when Union Bank of Switzerland (founded 1862) and Swiss Bank Corporation (founded 1872) merged.

What Is UBS Stand For?

History of UBS. The name ‘UBS’ came from one of our predecessor firms – the Union Bank of Switzerland. However, just like other prominent brands which used to be an abbreviation of a company name, UBS is no longer considered an acronym.

What Do the 3 Keys in UBS Stand For?

Our three keys. Three keys, our Pillars, Principles and Behaviours, help us achieve our vision and execute our strategy. They epitomize the best of our heritage. They determine how we work with our stakeholders and each other, how we recruit, and how we make decisions.

Is UBS a Us Bank?

UBS will close its US private bank on January 1, 2021. As a result bankers will move to advisory roles in the wider wealth management division. UBS is to close down its US private bank at the turn of the year as part of the Swiss firm’s overhaul of its global wealth management business.

Is UBS a Good Company?

In addition to its superior profitability, UBS stands out as one of the safest and best capitalized global banks. According to fixed income specialists Viola Risk Advisors, only Morgan Stanley comes close to matching UBS among the major banks in terms of profitability and capital position.

Contact Details

Head Office – Cape Town
Address: Unlimited Building Supplies Building
296 Voortrekker Road, Maitland
Cape Town 7401
Western Cape, South Africa

Tel: 021 510 6961
Fax: 021 510 0328


Regional Head Office – Gauteng
Address: Unlimited Building Supplies Building
20 Lyn Road, Ext 4, Strydom Park
Johannesburg 7169
Gauteng, South Africa

Tel: 011 791 5849
Fax: 011 791 2648


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