Unisa Examination Dates and Timetables

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Before anything, one must understand What is the essence of an Examination?

Here is where all your hard work pays off. Exams can be stressful, obviously, but there are ways to reduce that, mostly through planning, studying hard and being well prepared.

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Steps on how to register for an examination are;

Examination Admission

A student must be officially registered with the University for the subject for which admission is required.

A student may be required to fulfill certain requirements as determined by the Academic Department in order to gain admission to the examinations.

Admission will be granted after submission of the prescribed compulsory assignment and/or compliance with the prescribed requirements.

Examination numbers

The student number issued at the commencement of studies is the examination number.

Students will be required to present proof of identity at the examination. A student card and an identity document bearing a recent photograph are required.

Unisa Examination Dates & Timetables

Check your Unisa Examination and timetable.

What are the instructions you must follow? Click here to view and print the examination instructions (PDF). On the interface, here is what you’ll see on the Examination Portal.

Unisa Timatable

Examination Details

Other examination details available here;


Any candidate who has NOT received his/her final timetable must IMMEDIATELY contact the Examination Administration Division by sending an e-mail to examinations@unisa.ac.za with your student number.

On 8 NOVEMBER the FINAL TIMETABLE will be sent to all candidates via MyLife e-mail. If you have NOT received this timetable you must contact Examination Arrangements immediately to get a duplicate copy.

The examination timetable for the supplementary, aegrotat and special Examinations is posted to candidates together with their examination results


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