Registration – How to Register at GIJ 2024/2025

An Application is a formal request submitted to the authority of an institution to be considered suitable to study in their university. While Registration simply means the process of being registered into a university to study a course.

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Procedure for GIJ Registration

You MUST apply for admission during the relevant application period before registering for any qualification at GIJ.

See that you meet the registration requirement first.


Pay your application fee at any Fidelity Bank branch by providing the applicant’s full name and telephone number

You will be provided with your application number (transaction ID) at the bank

GIJ will assess your application according to the academic admission requirements for your qualification of choice and your final mark received at the undergraduate level.

If you qualify for admission, and if offered a space, you must accept the offer within the prescribed period before you will be able to register.

After Submitting an Application and Confirming your Admission letter, What Is the Next Thing to Do?

You must register. Should you not register for the previous academic year for any reason, you will be required to re-apply for the next academic year.

How to Apply for GIJ Registration 2024/2025

Below are the steps for Academic and Course Registration at the Ghana Institute Of Journalism (GIJ),

Step 1

Access the University Website:

Step 2

Log in with your ‘Username, Password, and Student Id’

Step 3

Then click on “Login” to enter the registration system.

Step 4

Then the interface will display, proceed with registration.

Step 5

It is required of every student to read the important note on the page linked below;

Please follow the instructional guide on each page of the link above as you fill in your information.


Students should report error messages they encounter during registration to any of the contacts below:

32nd Gamel Abdul Nasser Road
Address: P.O.Box GP 667, Accra
Phone:(+233) 302 228336
Fax:+233 302 221750

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An Application is a formal request submitted to the authority of an institution to be …

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