Cancelation of Tshwane University of Technology Application

How Do I Cancel My Application at TUT? If you are one of the student having this problem, the solution is here.

The last day to cancel/withdraw from modules/subjects and programs without financial penalty (excluding specific programs) is March 9, 2024.

How to Cancel Tshwane University of Technology Application

The cancellation process depends on whether you’ve been accepted or your application is still pending:


  • Contact your Faculty’s Student Administration Office or call the TUT general enquiries line at 086 110 2421 or email
  • Communicate your desire to withdraw your application and mention the program you applied for.
  • The office will advise on the specific steps and provide the necessary forms.


  1. Log in to the online application system ( to see if there’s an option to withdraw your application directly.
  2. If no online option: Follow the steps mentioned above for accepted applicants (contacting the Student Administration Office).


  • Before registration: If you received an acceptance but haven’t registered yet, you might still be able to withdraw and potentially get a refund depending on TUT’s policies.
  • After registration: If you’ve already registered for classes, withdrawing becomes more complex. You’ll likely need to follow specific procedures and might face financial penalties as per TUT’s withdrawal policy.


  • Act promptly, especially if you want to avoid financial penalties.
  • Be clear and concise in your communication with TUT.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence for your records.

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