How to Cancel University of Johannesburg Application

The cancellation process for UJ applications might differ depending on whether you’re applying for undergraduate or postgraduate studies, and the specific application deadline.

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Online Cancellation Of University of Johannesburg Application

If you haven’t submitted your application, you can simply ignore it and it will expire automatically after the application deadline.

If you have submitted your application, the UJ website doesn’t seem to have a self-service option for cancelling applications once submitted. However, you can access your application status portal and try reaching out to the university through the “Contact Us” option or the relevant department contact information provided there. Explain your situation and request to cancel your application.

Contact the Admissions Office

The most reliable way to cancel your application is to contact the UJ Admissions Office directly. You can do this by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +27 11 559 6011
  • In person: Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus, Admissions Office, Johannesburg

Submit a Formal Withdrawal Request

If online cancellation is unavailable, you can visit the UJ Admissions Office in person and submit a written request to cancel your application. Be sure to include;

  • Full name
  • Student number (if applicable)
  • Program you applied to
  • Reason for withdrawal (optional)
  • Date of application

Important Notes:

  • Be sure to mention your application reference number or student number (if applicable) in all communication.
  • Deadlines for application withdrawal might exist, so act promptly.
  • Withdrawing your application might affect your eligibility for future applications. Check with the UJ Admissions Office for details.


  • Deadlines for application cancellation may apply, and you might be liable for fees if you cancel after a certain date.
  • Double-check all your information before submitting your cancellation request.
  • Keep a copy of your communication with the UJ department for your records.

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