Bank of China: Purpose, Values, FAQ, Contact Details

The Bank of China is one of the four biggest state-owned commercial banks in China. Bank of China is legally separate from its subsidiary Bank of China, although they maintain close relations in management and administration and co-operate in several areas including reselling BOC’s insurance and securities services.

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It has established an integrated service platform based on the pillars of its corporate banking, personal banking, financial markets and other commercial banking business, which covers investment banking, direct investment, securities, insurance, funds, aircraft leasing and other areas, thus providing its customers.


Core Values

  • Responsibility.
  • Integrity.
  • Professionalism.
  • Innovation.
  • Prudence.
  • Performance.


How much is the Bank of China worth?

Total assets of the Bank of China 2010-2019. In 2019, the total assets of the Bank of China amounted to 22 trillion yuan. In the same year, the bank generated 201 billion yuan in profits and has managed to increase the value of its assets year on year over the past decade.

How safe is Bank of China?

Generally, the higher level of deposits a bank retains, the less risky it is deemed to be. Since Bank of China’s total deposit to total liabilities is within the sensible margin at 76% compared to other banks’ level of 50%, it shows a prudent level of the bank’s safer form of borrowing and an appropriate level of risk.

Does China own Bank of America?

No, Bank of America isn’t owned by China. BofA is an American multinational investment bank that has a partnership with China Construction Bank. In 2011 they decided to sell about half of their stake (about 13.1 billion) in the Chinese company.

Where do I find my bank code?

You can usually find it on your bank statements, but if you don’t have any to hand, you could also log into your online banking account or just call your local branch.

Who is the CEO of the Bank of China?

Gao Yingxin (1 Jan 2018–)

Contact Details

Tel: +254 (20) 4263 000

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