How to Check Kisumu Polytechnic Fee Balance – Kisumu Polytechnic Fees 2022


Why Do You Need to Pay School Fees?  It’s an exchange for service or advice received from learners?

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To receive learning, students ought to pay school fees respectively.

See Kisumu Polytechnic School Fee.

Note that the Kisumu Polytechnic school fees are to be paid by candidates admitted into the prestigious institution: the Homebase Student, the International Student, or Students with Disabilities.

How to Check Kisumu Polytechnic Fee Balance

The Kisumu Polytechnic has a friendly fee payment policy that allows you to pay your fees in instalments. Most student forgets the remaining amount after their 1st or 2nd instalment, how do such students calculate their balance?

Below are the steps on How to Check/Calculate Fees Balance at the Kisumu Polytechnic;

  1. Navigate to “Student Portal” or visit
  2. To login, enter your Student “Username and password”
  3. Click on “Fees”
  4. Click on “statement of fees” to view the breakdown and total of the fees to be paid
  5. If you wish to pay your fees, click on the tab to pay the fees
  6. Follow the steps gradually to pay the fees at designated banks.


Should you have questions, refer them to the official website or simply open the link below to get the official Kisumu Polytechnic contact details

Kisumu Polytechnic Contact Details: Website, Address, Phone Number & Email.


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