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Imperial Bank Limited, commonly known as Imperial Bank, is a commercial bank in Kenya, the largest economy in the East African Community. It is one of the forty-three commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya, the central bank and national banking regulator.

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Our Purpose is to be the leader in client relationships. We will build the most trusting and enduring client relationships by putting our clients at the centre of all that we do. We will listen intently to our clients, offering them what they need, and striving to exceed their expectations.


Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Trust


Which bank called Imperial Bank?

The Imperial Bank of India (IBI) was one of the oldest and the largest commercial bank of the Indian subcontinent, and was subsequently transformed into the State Bank of India in 1955.

What was the former name of SBI?

In 1955 the government of India and the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (founded 1935), assumed joint ownership of IBI, which was renamed the State Bank of India.

Which bank has taken over the Imperial Bank of India?

The creation of the State Bank of India in July 1955 followed the passage of the Imperial Bank of India into state ownership. The nationalization of the Imperial Bank represented the culmination of a protracted debate on its role in independent India.

Who is the founder of SBI?

Five years later, in 1975, SBI acquired Krishnaram Baldeo Bank, which had been established in 1916 in Gwalior State, under the patronage of Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia. The bank had been the Dukan Pichadi, a small moneylender, owned by the Maharaja. The new bank’s first manager was Jall N. Broacha, a Parsi.

When was Imperial Bank formed?

27 January 1921

Contact Details

Tel: +1 419-869-9283 / +1 419-869-5874 / +1 419-869-8756 / +1 495 232-5012


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