KWUST Contact Details: Website, Address, Phone Number & Email


We have compiled a list of Kiriri Women’s University of Science And Technology (KWUST) addresses and contacts together. This list contains the Kiriri Women’s University of Science And Technology (KWUST) Website, Address, Phone Number & Email.


If you are looking for KWUST Contact Details, the information below is quite helpful and can be used positively.

KWUST Contact Details

Address: Kiriri Women’s University of Science & Technology
off Thika Road
P.O. BOX 49274 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 (0) 20 2042692/3
Cell: +254 (0) 736 329642 or +254 (0) 718 896 389


  1. Good morning, am writing on behalf of the above university with regard to the contacts that you have published on your website.
    We appreciate having been listed on your website.
    Please note that the University has changed its old contacts and updated them to new ones.
    Kindly follow this link to get the new contacts and update them on your site as well.


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