[UPDATED] Maseno University Student Portal – www.maseno.ac.ke Student Portal Login

Maseno University Student Portal – www.maseno.ac.ke Student Portal Login. MASENO student portal, student e-learning portal, reset/change password, email registration portal, Maseno University multimedia portal, etc…

What’s Maseno University Student Portal? The Maseno University Student Portal is a login page which renders help for the student to perform certain academic actions. This is where students can provide a user name and password to gain access to an education organization’s programs and other learning-related materials.

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Maseno University Student Portal Login

If you are looking for the MASENO Student Portal Login, this information is quite helpful and can be used positively.

Maseno University Student Portal Password Reset

To Change/reset your password, navigate to – https://student.maseno.ac.ke/

Enter the email address for your account. Don’t you have an email? you can reset your email via the student portal.

A link will be sent to you. You will receive a link that will be used to reset your password.

Therefore, if you are still unable to find the link(s) you are looking for, please visit the official website provided below, or could kindly drop a comment and we will give you a positive reply.

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  1. Maseno university

  2. Comment: am unable to download my admission letter from maseno how do i go about it please guide me

  3. Am unable to download my adminision letter coz my adminision number isn’t generating, how can I generate the adminision number?

  4. Am unable to sign up and login in maseno University portals. What should I do or which procedures should I follow?

  5. Am unable to login at my portal.How can i go about it,kindly.

  6. Help me with the procedure of signing up,,,am follow the website below doesn’t give me correct way,, kindly help


    I’m yet to join Maseno because I was admitted this year as a first year student.I’m trying to log in to the student portal but I can’t seem to get through…how can I log in in order to change some details on my profile?

  8. Have tried several times to log in maseno student portal but it has fail,will you please show me directions to log in

  9. I received a link from Maseno for online orientation and registration but its not working.

  10. I received a link from Maseno for online orientation and registration but its not working.What might be the problem

  11. How can I know my registration number and my password for maseno especially now that I have paid all the required fee, please help me!!

  12. Domnick ochieng ogeya

    Please l can’t login l don’t know why?

  13. Hey, kindly assist me on how I can login into student portal

  14. I have tried to log in the student portal but it tells me that i should login using my admission number but when i try again still it gives me the same notification. What should i do.

  15. Moureen Anyango Makokha

    I have paid the required fee and submitted required admission forms. Also, I have gone to cyber for registration bt an error was made so am registered for semister 2 instead of semister 1 .kindly help

  16. What are the links to use for orientation. Kindly help

  17. What are the links to use for orientation

  18. Hello. Am I too late to pay schhol fees although deadline is over?please assist

  19. Please help me get the @maseno addressed email

  20. I have already paid my fee through KCB bank but am not still registered kindly assist it’s now one week

  21. How can I contact the admin?


    I am unable to find my phone number in my dashboard and I submitted it please help me I don’t know where I made mistake


      My Profile reads that I am in second year semester 2 while am joining this year,how can I be helped please

  23. can you please bring back the log-in logo(which has a sky-blue background colour) so that we can access our portals.

  24. Registration of first year student is when

  25. Hello could you kindly help me reset my password and username name in the student portal…..have tried using my email bt it’s not working out


  27. Silas kipkemoi kirui

    My orientation is cool,please help me to reset

  28. Wakasala Nafula Careen

    How can l book a room

  29. Kindly l paid my fees although it was late but till now have not received a link for registration and orientation kindly is giving me hard times

  30. I’ve been trying to log in the student portal all in vain..please help me

  31. Carroline Achieng Alwal

    Comment:I have tried several times to log in to the e_learning portal but it’s not corresponding it’s keep telling me invalid login yet I’ve put all my details correctly. Please what might be the problem

  32. Anyango Mercy odindo

    I’m yet to join Maseno University as a first year, i have been trying to log in student’s portal for the orientation but I’m unable to reach, please I need your help

  33. I have all the required fees for semister 1, sent the required registration documents but i am not able to log on to student portal.it is now 2 months struggle .call do not go through. kindly assist.

  34. Am unable to do online registration, how should I go about it

  35. Hello can you help me to know how to get my password

  36. Hello how can I reset my password please.

  37. Omolo levis otieno

    How can I sign in students portal

  38. I am new student joining this year I am not able to log in I don’t know my user name and password kindly help me

  39. Mercy Naserian David

    Hello…have registered year 1 sem2 intead of year 1 sem 1…kindly help.

  40. Am an old student, I want to check my fee balance. How can I go about it.

  41. Otieno Lilian Atieno

    I’m about to join Maseno university but then I wanted to change my subject combination. How can I go about it please

  42. Am unable to log in, in the students portal. Kindly assist

  43. Mercy Chepkemoi yegon

    I can’t see my results in the portal,I don’t know the problem

  44. Hello,,kindly help me log into the students portal,,,,

  45. Please l need help, l have logged in with my admission number but there is no success

  46. Isaiah Otieno Onyiego

    Kindly help me my portal is not working

  47. Comment:my student pirtal i registered is not working how could you help me please

  48. My portal has refused to open kindly help

  49. I have tried to login to my portal but have not succeeded,,, have tried to key in both password as my admission number but not succeeded,, kindly help

  50. Viollet Muhembi Brooleen

    Am unable to open my student portal; password and username are incorrect

  51. I forgot my password in the maseno students portal and I want to recover it…I have an email but everytime I enter it it tells me the email is not found. Please help I need to change my password n recover my account

  52. Okumu Edwin Juma

    I am a postgraduate student but completely unable to access my portal, I log in as follows PG/MA/00092/2013 and the same admission number as my password.
    Okumu Edwin Juma


  54. Please how can access my students portal, when I enter the admission number as password and username it tells me to use the correct password and username

  55. I transferred from another university to Maseno,how do I access my admission letter

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