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Moi University Online Course Registration

It can be done manually by your lecturer. However, sometimes this isn’t possible, especially if many students are taking the unit. During such circumstances, you are required to register manually. You will need an enrolment key. If you can’t access it, get in touch with your lecturer.

Use the procedure below once you have the enrolment key:

  • Login to your account: Use your username and password
  • Choose the unit in question: Under the course categories on your homepage, locate the course.
  • Click on the respective unit: A new window will be loaded.
  • Enter the enrolment key: If you can’t access it, contact the lecture whose name is shown on the page. Tap “Enrol Me” after entering the key.

MUSOMI Course Structure

Upon enrolling, you will be taken to the respective unit’s page.

  1. The navigation bar: Its last item represents your current location on the webpage. Hence, to move to your previous screen, you should click on the last item in the trail.
  2. The news forum: This is where your lecturer will publicly post announcements and any other course updates.
  3. The course information area: It contains course details such as your expected syllabus, social and news forums.
  4. The week/topic heading: Any course is often organized by weeks or even by topics. Every week has a heading that contains an overview of what will be covered.
  5. The course content: These are materials usually in PDF format, to be learned that week. They are organized into various topics and sub-topics for ease access.
  6. Assignment: Contains the tasks to be done for the week or topic.
  7. Discussion forum: Here, you will find all the topics to be discussed concerning the week’s content.

MUSOMI portal allows you to fit your learning around your home and work life without visiting Moi University lecture halls. Hence, you set your own pace of study and decide when to and where to do schoolwork.

Additionally, you will save on transport and additional costs which you would have incurred when doing a full-time course. You can gain a degree from anywhere in the country provided that you have access to the internet.

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