National Bank of Kenya: Purpose, Values, FAQ, Contact Details

National Bank of Kenya, also known as National Bank, is a commercial bank in Kenya, the largest economy in the East African Community. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya, the central bank, and the national banking regulator.

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At National Bank, we are dedicated to excellence in providing competitive Financial Solutions, meeting the changing needs of our customers, being a responsible Corporate Citizen, providing attractive opportunities to our employees and improving shareholders Value.


Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Courage


What is the function of NBE?

To license and supervise banks and hold commercial banks reserves and lend money to them. To supervise loans of commercial banks and regulate interest rates. To issue paper money and coins. To act as an agent of the Government.

Who owns the National Bank of Kenya?

KCB Group

How does CBK regulate commercial banks?

Pursuant to the CBK Act, the Central Bank promotes financial stability through regulation, supervision and licensing of financial institutions under its mandate. The Bank also formulates and implements foreign exchange policy and manages foreign exchange reserves.

What does National Bank mean?

A national bank is a financial institution chartered by the national government. It is also required to be a member of the Federal Reserve System. The comptroller of the U.S. Treasury monitors national banks.

What is the difference between National Bank and Commercial Bank?

A commercial bank is any financial institution that holds deposits for and lends money to individuals and businesses. In the United States, a national bank is a commercial bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System.

Contact Details

Tel: +254 (20) 282 8900
+254 703 088 900

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