SBS Bachelor of Police Practice: Police Books and Training Materials

The Bachelor of Policing Practice degree is aimed at students who are pursuing management careers within the field of Safety in Society. The level of flexibility within the range of electives will allow the individual to pursue further specialization in the field of Safety in Society.

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How do I Qualify?

To qualify, you have to go through some training and practice, therefore, you’ll need some textbooks for Police management 1 and communication for policing.


CAUTION: Before you go into using this book, there are some things you must be aware of, in that, Unicef has put together…

Police Training on Child Rights & Child Protection: Lessons Learned and Manual by Marie Wernham with Savina Geerinckx & Elanor Jackson.

Recommended Police Books and Training Materials Product

 ➡ Local Government Police Management By William A. Geller: 4th (fourth) Edition. BUY HERE NOW.

 ➡ Cases in Management and Organizational Behavior By Teri. C. Tomkins: Vol. 1 1st Edition –  BUY HERE NOW.

 ➡ Railway Police College planning textbook series By zhao Wen Yan Pei Jia Dai: Public Security Management (Chinese Edition) (Chinese) Paperback – January 1, 2000 – BUY HERE NOW.

 ➡ Justice Administration By Ken J. Peak (Author), Andrew L. Giacomazzi (Author): Police, Courts, and Corrections Management (9th Edition) (What’s New in Criminal Justice) 9th Edition – BUY HERE NOW.

 ➡ Principles of Leadership and Management in Law Enforcement By Michael L. Birzer (Author), Gerald J. Bayens (Author), Cliff Roberson (Author): 1st Edition – BUY HERE NOW.

 ➡ Proactive Police Management (9th Edition) By Edward A. Thibault Ph.D. (Author), Lawrence M. Lynch (Author), Bruce R. McBride (Author), Gregory Walsh (Author): 9th Edition – BUY HERE NOW.

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  1. I’m doing BBA Honoyrs I need textbooks for Strategic management, Leadership and economics

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