TUT Late Application 2021 – Apply to TUT Now!

The TUT Application details on every procedure, the breakdown is written below. We’ve got instructions to help you apply to TUT directly.

TUT Late Application: Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle. Applications close at – Check TUT Closing Date

There are so many things consider before applying at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), don’t fail to see – TUT Application Requirement | Registration Requirement.

TUT Courses on Offer

As a candidate wishing to have a smooth application process, reviewing the courses of an institution is a very important part of Application research. see the TUT courses on offer below.

TUT Fees Structure

Did you review the Fees Structure at the Tshwane University of Technology?

How to Apply at TUT

You might have reviewed the TUT Application Requirement, do you meet the requirement? Time wait for no man, grab the TUT Application Form – Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Online Application 2021.

Contact Tshwane University of Technology (TUT):

For more information on how to apply to TUT, you can visit the TUT website.


        • Hi There, How did you Apply?

          1.) Online?
          2.) In-Person?

          If you Applied online, there should be a space to upload the required document, otherwise, you were told to visit the school.

          If you apply in-person, you must take the document to the school, with the printout of the SMS that says “you must submit documents”


        • Hi there, there should be a space to upload documents if you use the online registration method.
          Were you given a specific date for submission? If yes, Be bold enough to visit your school of choice with the required document.
          Please dont forget to print out the short message from the school.

          Always remember to check the deadline for the application so that you dont get disappointed.


  1. I’m sithembile. latifa khoza I have applied this year I mean the late application for 2020i have a students number and pin of tut and I have paid the application frees i have passed with diploma with 20 ,points I have applied for public Affairs

  2. I uploaded all the documents that were required including the application fee but my status still says documents outstanding. It’s Been 3 weeks now.

  3. I did Applied at TUT and i Submitted my Matric Certificate and ID Copy all Certified Documents but if i check my Application it is saying “Outstanding Documents”..What can i do in this situation because i applied last month

  4. Hi I have a problem, my status says money omitted but then I misplaced the receipt so I decided to pay the application fee again and then uploaded the receipt. I’m worried because my status is still saying money omitted and I’m also worried if that will be considered as late application….what should I do?

    • Hi I applied at Tut n they saying outstanding document I even don’t know which document is outstanding 😭 I did pay application fee but still my application is not processed due to this outstanding document, I need help

  5. Evening

    I applied last year with guys, but I forgot to pay the application fee, do I need to apply again or just pay the application fee??

  6. Morning
    I would like to ask if you get a reply from the university of whether you have been admitted or not even if you haven’t paid the application fee. Also I would like to know if Law or Accounting facilities are still open.

  7. Morning
    I would like to know if the university informs you whether you have been admitted or not even if you haven’t paid the application fee. Also I would like to know if Law and Accounting facilities are still open.

  8. Hi I applied last year an I forgot to pay the application fee an it seems like u are still open for late application…so can I still pay the application fee or is it too late

    • Hi there,
      If you haven’t been replied, simply visit the officail website, or contact the school through the contacts link provided in the post above.


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