University of Limpopo Application Status 2024, 2025

The University of Limpopo (UL) Application Status Portal is a devoted webpage for prospective students who applied to track and access the admission application status online.

This post will help you check if your application has been accepted and if you are offered provisional admission to become an official University of Limpopo (UL) student.

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How Do I Check My UL Application Status Online?

There are two main ways to check your University of Limpopo application status online:

Using the UL Application Status Check portal

Using the Self Help iEnabler portal

  • Go to the Self Help iEnabler portal at
  • Select “Interested in studying here Apply” under the “Prospective Students” section.
  • This will take you to the online application page.
  • Click on the “Track Application Status” link.
  • You will be prompted to enter your application reference number and ID/Passport number.
  • Enter the required information and click “Submit”.
  • Your application status will be displayed on the screen.

NOTE: You need to already have received a Student ID Number and PIN to use this method. These are typically provided to you after you submit your application.

If you don’t have your Student ID Number or PIN, you can contact the Enrolment Management Department Call Centre Office with your date of birth and surname.

  • Tel.: 015 268 3332
  • Email:

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  1. I am trying to check my status but i couldn’t find any information

  2. zwivhuya nemadzivhanani

    I am trying to check my status but i couldn’t find any information

  3. I am trying to check my status but i couldn’t find any information

  4. Simanga mavumabi

    I’m trying to check my status but I can’t find any information so I need help please

  5. Khomotso Ramontja

    I’m trying to check my status but I can’t log in

  6. My status says waiting list….what do I do now? Please help

  7. I can’t safely browse the university of Limpopo’s website what do I do now since I want to check my status

    • Due to the heavy request on the University of Limpopo website, the website may face a malfunction.

      In other to check your status and any other thing, we have provided you with the contact the school. We have provided you with the University of Limpopo (UL) contact details below.

      — University of Limpopo Contact Details: Website, Address, Phone Number and More –

      BeraPortal | South Africa

  8. I want to know about my applications status what should I do. My email is

  9. My little sister applied last year 2019 though I saw status regret1 does it mean she’s not accepted?

  10. I’ve tried to check my status but I can’t please help me

  11. I cnt check my status idk y

  12. I would like to know the status of my application now that results are released. it is difficult to access my portal

  13. My application statud says regret1 what’s the meaning of this????

  14. Lavhengwa mutshidzi

    How can I change the degrees I have applied for to the one I qualify as i failed to qualify on my choices.

  15. Can you please offer me any course related to commercial subjects that I qualify for with the results I have. …please I can’t sit at home for the rest of the year …I really want to study further

  16. I am trying to check MY status but I can’t

  17. Am confused as since on the 7 January ive receive a message that i will be addressed on 8 that my results have qualified for my course , please contact me back cause I’ve obtained a Bachelor Degree but i haven’t here anything from UL

  18. When I try to log in to check my status they say that my connection is not private

  19. Hy i lost the sim card that i hv used for applications… So I’m unable to do sim swap… and im nt receiving any emails
    wht should i do?

  20. I have received an acceptable SMS only i am done registered only now I need accepted letter please send it at this email my student Number 202016121

  21. Hey , I can’t get my application status . please send me a letter

  22. I can’t get my admission status .I want to know about my admission status

  23. Help ..last year in 2019 when i was applying …then after as I recieved my student card. I never got the chance to jog it down so can you please help me retrieve it together with my pin

  24. I can’t be able to check my status for 2021,can you please assist me,I am Nodada Qhama with this student number:202105144

  25. I forgot how to check application status, please help.

  26. I have lost my student number and pin can you please help me get it or how can I get it

  27. Why is your online system so poor??????? Can’t you at least try to upgrade and make it easy for applicants to check their application statuses???? why does it have to be so difficult to view a simple status of your application???????????

  28. Hey i cant check my status what should i do ?

  29. I can’t check my application status…

  30. Help to update my school leaving subjects and symbols

  31. I’m trying to check my application status but I can’t log in..please help!!

  32. Nomfundo ngwenyMa

    I can’t my application

  33. When will we know about our admission status? I am worried.
    Anyone with an answer plz respond…..

  34. How do I check my application status @ ul and when will I receive an email regarding my application, I’m worried because I applied in May until today nothing 😔

  35. Hello, my application says ” application without status ” … what does that mean exactly? And when will I know if I have been accepted or not ?
    Thank you!!

  36. How to check my application status

  37. Can you please help, how can i check my application status because i haven’t receive anything yet.

  38. I can’t find my application status ..

  39. Since I applied last year I didn’t get any respond and my status says pending what should I do?

  40. hi…my application status say ”temp stat” what does that mean??

  41. check my status

  42. Sekgobela prudence

    Can you please check my status.Student no:202131162

  43. I’m trying to check my status but I can’t

  44. Can you please update me with my application status on my email ?I can’t login to check it.

  45. why is it so hard to check status ? I’m trying to check but keeps on saying ” your connection is not private “

  46. Hello I’v been trying to check my sisters application status and I’m failing to get the correct link

  47. i am trying to check my status but i cant find anything

  48. I will like to come and learn in that school I like it it has a good image because its students are succeeding and most of are successful in life🙏🥺🤫

  49. I don’t know how to check my application status🥺🥺

  50. I can’t login to check my status it keeps requesting temporary password and new password

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