UDS Application – How to Apply to University for Development Studies

Are you interested in pursuing a course at the University for Development Studies (UDS)?  Do you wish to Study at UDS? Here, you can get access to the UDS Online Application Form for Kenyans & International Applicants. Get to know the Things to Consider Before Filing a Form, Application Procedure, What to do, Requirements, How to Apply and other relevant information.

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University for Development Studies, UDS Application 2023/2024

Before applying to any school, you must first seek to know about the school you wish to pursue your passion with. We have put out few important things to know before the important moves you’re about to take.

What to Do Before Applying to The University for Development Studies

  • Before Applying, make RESEARCH about the institution you’re applying with.
  • Carefully consider the various programs available.
  • Understand the School Fees Payable.

Things to Consider Before Filing UDS Application Form

  • If you are picking a form directly from the school, Do not dirty the form.
  • Carefully Read and Understand the Form.
  • Fill in with Capital Letters
  • Duly filled application forms should be addressed to the Registrar- academic Administration.
  • Always have a Photocopy in case needed
  • Take your time to review the Form before submission.

UDS Core Requirements

WASSCE Holders (for Degree Programmes)

WASSCE holders seeking admission into Degree programmes must have at least C6 in all their three Core and three Elective Subjects.

WASSCE holders who have Grade D7 or E8 or F9 in any one of their three Core or three Elective subjects are advised not to apply for a degree programme.
Candidates should therefore possess, at least, credit scores/grades in the following:

  1. Three Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics (Core) and Integrated Science / Social Studies).
  2. Any three elective subjects in the relevant programmes.
  3. Aggregate Score of the best six (6) subjects (three core and three electives) must not exceed 36. However, admissions will be on a competitive basis, and various programmes offered in UDS have their cut-off points much lower than the aggregate 36 for WASSCE.
  4. Candidates should note that Social Studies is not an elective subject.
  5. For candidates who read Arts and Business subjects at WASSCE, a grade in Social Studies may be used in place of the grade in Integrated Science in the calculation of their aggregates if the Social Studies grade is better than the grade in Integrated Science. This is however on condition that the candidate has at least a pass in Integrated Science.
  6. For Science students, however, Social Studies (Core) does not replace Integrated Science (Core) in the calculation of candidates’ aggregates.

University for Development Studies Application Procedure

  • Go to the school website, or simply visit the school to pick a form.
  • Navigate to the Application portal
  • Read Carefully and fill in the required information as instructed.
  • Then Submitthe form online.

How to Apply at University for Development Studies

Having achieved the necessary/required documents, We have provided the step-by-step guide through the UDS application procedure below, take good advantage of it.

Ghanaian Undergraduate Online Application


Navigate to – https://admissions.uds.edu.gh/


Visit UDS online payment portal at www.pay.uds.edu.gh with a Master Card or Visa Card to make an online payment of $100.00 (One Hundred US Dollars) for the undergraduate e-Voucher


Print the advice slip for future reference


Access the online form by visiting our online admissions portal at www.admissions.uds.edu.gh soon after payment.


In completing the online form, candidates will be required to upload their passport size photographs and certificates


Applicants are advised to check thoroughly all details entered before they finally submit their online applications. A form, once submitted, can only be viewed, but cannot be edited.


Click logout to leave the page. On subsequent logins, you will be sent to a tracking page where you can track and print the application form you filled.

UDS Application Form


For any queries and further information please call +233-37-209-3697

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