Yinson Operations Training Simulator Trainer (Production Operator) Programme 2023

Yinson is a dynamic, equal opportunity employer with great organisational culture where people are valued and empowered to deliver powerful solutions.Job Description – OTS Trainer (Production Operator FPSO JAK)

The OTS Trainer will be responsible for all facets of the Takoradi Shore base Office Training Centre Operations with his primary role being the Operations Training Simulator (OTS) Trainer and occasionally support as a Production Operator for the FPSO JAKOTS Trainer Duties

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Yinson Ghana Programme Advert

  • Location: Ghana
  • Company : Yinson
  • Closing Date : 8th August 2023
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of OTS training and competency programs for Yinson Production West Africa Limited (YPWAL)
  • Accountable for the administration of Operations and the OTS training activities, including competency mapping, curriculum design, scenario creation and activity administration
  • Develop lesson plans and assessment guides for Operations and the OTS training and assessment delivery.
  • Evaluate Operator performance during training and assessments and provide feedback to Candidates, Supervisors, and Management as necessary
  • Work with current methods of training and deliver and develop and implement methods to track and measure the effectiveness of Operations and the OTS programs
  • Accountable for the collection and sharing of Operations and the OTS training and competency metrics and work with local management to ensure quality and internal standards for the Plaquemines facility
  • Conduct regular audits and verification of Operations and the OTS activities, materials, and records to ensure overall program effectiveness and advise the Training and Competency Superintendent of any identified gaps and action plans

Production Operator Duties (temporary if needed)

  • Follow the PTW system, rules, regulations, and work procedures applicable to his responsibilities
  • Execute and coordinate actions to maintain utilities and energy sources necessary to support daily production.
  • Assist to organize and control operation of process plant, PCR, and relevant utility systems
  • Execute performance and compliance testing of wells, diagnosis, and optimization of production systems
  • Monitor and control process plant with minimum downtime
  • Operate and monitor process plant, relevant utility systems, PCR. Perform troubleshooting
  • Operate and monitor safety control systems
  • Operate, monitor, and troubleshoot subsea well control systems
  • Inform CCR of any changes in process parameters that may affect the cargo quality or significantly affect effluent water quality
  • Prepare required reports, keep logs, and maintain appropriate documentation
  • Gather and compile data for daily production reports and maintain a comprehensive log of all production activities
  • Analyze production report figures
  • Assist in meeting of Production Objectives
  • Ensure PCR and process field is kept tidy and in good order
  • Monitor and maintain chemical injection equipment and adjust dosage rates as required
  • Perform process plant and subsea systems start up and shutdown operations
  • Supervise Production Operators to competently perform all production operations independently
  • Supervise and carry out repair work, isolation, and planned maintenance, provide correct records of same
  • Monitor pipe work condition via corrosion probe readings, ultrasonic thickness checks and iron counts
  • Perform pigging operations
  • Monitor and control process plant with minimum downtime
  • Identify deviations from standard operating conditions and initiate corrective actions
  • Liaise with other departments for coordination of maintenance and operation activities
  • Ensure that vendors and contractors are managed safely and effectively
  • Member of Emergency Response Team

HSE Responsibility

  • Responsible for maintaining a high degree of awareness
  • Lead by doing; setting an example for others
  • Observe and report any unsafe activities, conditions, or situations
  • If you observe anything unsafe use the ‘Stop Work’ Policy


  • Education and Certifications: Degree/Diploma/Technical Qualification or equivalent work experience preferred.
  • Experience: +/-10 years in the operation of oil and gas pipelines, operating Distributed Control Systems in process or chemical processing facilities.
  • Train the Trainer and Assessor qualification or working too beneficial to the role.


  • Strong working knowledge of the Operations and the OTS Training Simulator and its design capability.
  • Thorough understanding of Operations and the OTS training development and delivery within an operating environment.
  • Effective communicator at all levels of an organization with individuals and groups from different disciplines, industries, and governmental agencies.
  • Organized and able to manage multiple situations.
  • Advanced Skills with Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience in assessing high-risk positions to accredited industry standards

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