How to Change/Reset UNISA Student Portal Login Password Password Reset – How to Change University of South Africa student login Password, UNISA password reset, Unisa Manage Password, Unisa myLife Account, etc…

“ATTENTION: Due to a recent Microsoft update, UNISA has block direct access to Student myLife e-mail account when logged in to myUnisa. To access your myLife e-mail account, the management of the University has published a new procedure online.”

New Procedure to Access your myLife e-mail Account

To access your myLife e-mail account, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the
  2. Enter your full e-mail address (eg and your password for your myLife e-mail account.
  3. Select “Sign in”.

How to Change/Reset UNISA Student Portal Login Password

To reset your myUnisa password, please follow these steps:

  • Login to myUnisa and click on “My Admin”.
  • Click on the “Change Password” link.
  • Complete the form to update your password. Please note that this new password will be active for both your myUnisa and myLife services.

Important Information:

During peak periods, it may take approximately 30 minutes for the new password to activate on the myLife service. If you are still experiencing problems after resetting your password, please send an e-mail to for assistance.

Please let us know how it goes by dropping a comment below.

you got all the luck you need.


  1. Hi.. I’m having difficulties logging into myunisa.. My student number and password is correct.. even chose the “forgotten password” option to get confirmation of my password via sms, I used the password on the sms, which is my initial password but I’m still having a problem. I can’t find the “change password” option anywhere even on myadmin portal as instructed. Please help! I urgently need to submit an assignment

  2. Hi. I can’t login on Myunisa portal and I trued resetting my password but no luck and I am writing an online test today. Please help.

  3. I cannot login to myunisa it says my password is wrong and I am having trouble making a new one.i have assignments due soon please help

  4. Hi, I can’t login on myunisa and my life account its written invalid credentials. I know my password and my student number. I need to submit my assignment this month. Plz assist me.

  5. I’ve been sending emails trying to call unisa I’m having a problem to login n i requested the new password and it went straight to the old number that was lost n the examinations are around the corner don’t know what to do now i tryd to do simswap but i failed i really need help.

  6. Guys i have been trying to reset my mylife password bt failing to.I have forgotten the old password and when I’m trying to complete that form, they need the old one..please help me guys.

    Sicelo Ngubo

      • I have a problem with my log in its say valid creditials ,I tried forgotten password but message is sent to another number which I don’t even use,and don’t even know I sent an email but no response at all how can I send them my number that I’m using so that they can send my new password to it I’ve got exam to write but can’t do anything I’m stuck

  7. The cell number that Unisa has has been blocked. I forgot my password. I requested a new password but it is send to the blocked cell number. UNISA does not have my new number. I was at the Campus today they are closed due to the virus. What must I do please help. Exams around the corner.

  8. Hi there I was trying to login to my unisa long time ago and it looks like someone changed my number because if am trying to change password they sent it into someone’s number and I missed my exams it was online please help regarding this matter

  9. I forgot my password. Requested for a new one and I am supposed to get that new password sent through to my phone via SMS but I haven’t received anything on my phone. I have been on this since Thursday but still no luck. I am writing on Monday.

  10. Please send my password to log in to my unisa and submit my assignments, please its urgent ,my assignments are due today

  11. I did not receive my data from unisa and when I check my details I found that my cellphone number is changed and that number I found there it belongs to the guy who was helping me with assignments and when I ask him about my data he denied it…so I do not know what I must do because I have started with my axams and I do not have data to write the axams


  13. i can’t login to my exam page and i am writing today anyone please help out….i tried resetting my password several times but still no luck ..i really need help please good people

  14. Good day

    I am also having a problem login in to myunisa and worse I can’t even reset my password. Is there a number I can call to get assistance.

  15. I have a similar problem about my password it says invalid credential so it does not give me an option of password change

  16. I am having trouble with my password,it just says invalid every time I try to login myUnisa Exams and I have just changed and it’s still doing the same thing please help

  17. i have been trying to access mylife email account with no success. i tried resetting my password.
    calling the university has become a mission impossible no one answers. with exams around the corner this is really frustrating.


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