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What’s KMTC Student Portal? The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Student Portal is a login page which renders help for the student to perform certain academic actions. This is where students can provide a user name and password to gain access to an education organization’s programs and other learning-related materials.

KMTC Student Portal Login

If you are looking for the KMTC Student Portal Login, this information is quite helpful and can be used positively.

KMTC Student Portal Password Reset

To Change/reset the password, navigate to – https://portal.kmtc.ac.ke/login/reset

Enter your registration number. Don’t you have an Account? Create an Account.

A link will be sent to you. You will receive a link that will be used to reset your password.

Therefore, if you are still unable to find the link(s) you are looking for, please visit the official website provided below, or could kindly drop a comment and we will give you a positive reply.


  1. I always loved to study …especially wth kmtc .i applied for 2year course in Human Resource and information technology .I have the admission at hand of which i never joined due to financial issues so will they still preserve the chance for me to september intake?Thank you

  2. Am student at Port-reitz campus and have been trying to login for e-learning but am not able to because the reply am getting is .your email is not yet set. pliz help me am in 3rd year and I need to access the elearning

  3. it happened that i changed my number to a new one,,,,i would to be receiving the kmtc messages via the new one,,help me out

  4. I have been placed at homabay campus but the place’s climate is not conducive to my health how can I transfer to thika campus

  5. Hallo,I got a message that I have been successful in studying at KMTC finally, and I have not got any registration number or password.. kindly help me on how to go..thanks..

  6. Hello,,how do I log in to my account yet when I enter the email and password it is saying that the the password doesn’t match with the email address yet I put the password and email that I set during application… please do help me.

    • Accessing ur account,,,, type http: // e-learning. Kmtc. ac. ke.
      Then click user log in,, entering ur username & password.
      USERNAME:enter ur student registration number which is the college number (should be in small letters plz)
      PASSWORD : enter the word Password @ 2020

    • Accessing ur account,,, type http: // e-learning. Kmtc. ac. ke, then click user log in, entering ur username and password.

      USERNAME :enter ur student registration number which is the college number (should be in small letters plz).

      PASSWORD : enter the word Password @2020.

  7. Hello.have not been able to access my portal even after trying FORGET PASWORD not able to get any link via my email but Im told that the username is not found.Kindly help.

  8. I am unable to access the e learning programme m a first year student.I joined KMTC muranga this march.kindly assist me on that matter.

  9. Have been trying to create my account bt the issue is that ..Its stillsaying my regeatration number its not found ..

  10. Hello,I have been succefully been selected to take nursing in wajir campus and I did not report because of the corona virus pandemic and I need transfer to kabarnet campus what shall I do , pliz I need help

  11. Hello, am susan john i did an application of orthopaedic and trauma medicine this year and i have not yet be notiffied on which school i have been placed..kindly help me out to nkow where i have been placed

  12. I have tried logging in to my portal but when I get place my registration number it says invalid username… already paid the commitment fee as instructed… please help…I have contacted the administration…no reply yet

  13. I have paid the 43,200 for the first semester now how can I get the online studies ,I was placed at loitoktok campus cerficate in medical engineering

  14. Hello,,am.a nursing student 2019 March class Bondo campus.There is this issue of e learning which is not taking place in this class of ours. What maybe the problem please?

  15. I have been awarded a chance in one of your campuses,did paid 10000 as confirmation of acceptance yet when I want to register with the given admission it tells me it is invalid, please help

  16. I paid the commitment fee I was told am successful enrolled still am unable to create my student portal how can I do it

  17. I have tried to login to eLearning portal but I can’t access the link kindly my l have the link,my reg no,C/OPT/21043/296 under certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine.

  18. Comment:I applied for health records and information technology for september 2020 intake but no answers whether i have been selected how do i check for my admission?

  19. I have been selected as one of the student ;I received a message of selection but no admission letter in the school portal.why?

  20. I paid the commitment fee using wrong registration number yet we have contacted you people several times without succeeding,what exactly are we going to do because we want to enroll online,please help me

    • Hi there, Please note that we are in no way affiliated with the KMTC School. We are here to help students figure out answers to their problems. If you have a problem, ask us the way out and we will gladly help you out.

      You made a terrible mistake, what are you to do? contact the official website by navigating to https://www.kmtc.ac.ke/.

      After opening this website, scroll to the bottom of the website, there, you’ll be provided with the accurate contact details of the school.

      Grab the contact details and lay a complaint to the school immediately.

  21. am a third year kmtc student and I have lost my kmtc Portal account so as I could assess to upload for indexing
    I need your helpk

  22. Hi am a student at Eldoret kmtc ,i have tried logging in to e-learning but always given invalid login try again later , what can i do

    • Hi, have tried to reset my passward for logging in my portal but am experiencing some problems.. it’s telling me wait or conduct service centre

  23. Am totally confused,,, i paid for hostel last year march but due to corona virus I didn’t attend class. My worry is am I still going to be hosted in that hostel or I have to pay again.. help.

  24. Hello, have problem with login into my portal account. Have tried resetting the password but in vain because the link is being send on the email that I can’t remember still. Kindly help me the way forward.

  25. Joined this january and was wishing to differ to September or march due to financial struggles how can i go about this plus

  26. I applied for certificate in health records and information technology but have not yet received a feedback may you please help me,am nyaga Frida Murugi

  27. Helloo kindly help me to access my student portal account if try to log in inasema username invalid and nikijaribu kureset password inasema username does not exist I


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