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Kenya Medical Training College

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KMTC Contact Details

Official KMTC |

Kenya Medical Training College.
Off Ngong Road
P.O. BOX 30195-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.



  1. Comment:I have already payed my commitment fee through the instructions given . I have not yet received the password to start learning through the e-learning programme . Please help me .Thank you

  2. Is community heath nursing certificate application ongoing? I applied september intake 2019/2020 but i was given a short course

  3. I’ve applied for Diploma in Orthopaedic technology March 2021 intake but still not gotten any feedback please help

  4. I had applied for certificate in community health nursing September intake 2021 but I’ve not gotten any notification of where I’ve been placed please please help

  5. I did my kcse 2017 and scored D+,and would like to do medical engineering ,I qualified in the required subjects ENG C-,MATH C,PHIC D,CHEM D, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ,,,

  6. Iam glad I have received my admission in kmtc to partake on certificate in nutrition and dietetics so am so glad and kindly requesting the institution to give me till 10 of February so that I may pay my commitment fee

  7. I applied for Radiology and Imaging September intake 2021 but without response. I had to wait for March intake 2022 but no response. Others have received their admission letters and I’m missing.
    MAT A-, PHY B , CHEM B, ENG B-
    Looking forward to a positive response.

  8. I got my calling letter for March 2022intake and I would like to defer to September intake ,,is it possible please help.thanks.

  9. I applied for a pharmacy course but I haven’t gotten any feedback concerning the date of reporting please please help me I have stayed at home for a long period of time since 2020.assist got a chance in September intake 2020/2023 as per my application to conquer my dreams,, your response will be highly appreciated thank you

  10. I applied kmtc for my daughter.Am anxious to know whether she was admitted.The application went thro.kindly respond so that I can be able to maked decision

  11. I applied for kmtc, diploma in community health nursing with qualified details and I haven’t received any feedback, kindly help me to know

  12. I applied for diploma in community health nursing ( September intake) and have not yet received the admission letter. Are they still in the process of being processed or what is it?

  13. I would like to do diploma in community health nursing on September 2022.i applied for two courses but I need this one because someone is going to sponsor me for this course only.i applied and I qualify.please hear my cry

  14. Hello,I would like to pursue certificate in nursing .please help me do it .I have trying but in vain.I will be appreciative for the positive 0702691233.
    English C
    MATHS. C-
    CHEM C-
    BIO. D+
    CRE. C
    HISTO. C-

    • Hello,I have applied for radiography and imaging diploma (September intake)but am yet to receive my admission letter,,, am requesting feedback for that

  15. Hi. I haven’t received any feedback. I’ve applied for diploma in community health September 2022 intake

  16. I had already applied for community health nursing and I had pay the commitment fee but I haven’t received admission letter so kindly help me because I am hopeless by now,,,,kindly help

  17. I’ve already paid the commitment fee……am trying to submit my application but it does not bring the place to put the mpesa code and it’s showing that I have not paid yet I’ve done the payment…….. kindly help to update it …… for September intake


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