UON Online Registration 2024/2025

Having completed the first step, which is the UoN Student Application Procedure 2024/2025 the next thing to do is head over to the registration procedure for the 2024/2025 academic session.

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The University of Nairobi Online Registration Procedure

Following your successful application to join the University of Nairobi (UoN), you are requested to use the procedure outlined below to register.  

Students will undertake UoN Online Registration on the Student Portal – smis.uonbi.ac.ke.


Applicants can access the University of Nairobi self–service portal through the Students Management Information System (SMIS): smis.uonbi.ac.ke.

To log in, Students will use the login details sent to them via email, or write to admissions@uonbi.ac.ke  (undergraduate students) and pg-admissions@uonbi.ac.ke (postgraduate students) to request the login details.


Once logged in, students should download the comprehensive joining Instructions (Academic, Legal and Health Requirements). This document contains forms that need to be printed, filled out, Scanned and uploaded to the system.

Please ensure you scan your passport photograph and upload it into the system.

Place your request for student ID as detailed in the Joining Instructions document JI/17. The IDs will be availed to the respective Deans’/Directors’ offices once printed for your collection.


The applicant can then access the fee structure on the system with guidelines on how to pay the prescribed fees.

Please note that separate guidelines apply for Government-sponsored (module 1) and Self-sponsored (Module 2).


Once payment is made, students are asked to wait for 48 hours before logging back into the system to complete the online registration and submit a registration request. Students can only send in their registration requests once the portal is opened.


Upon confirmation, applicants will log in to the UoN Student portal to complete the student profile, fill out all the sections on the table provided, and create a student email account. Students will ONLY receive official communication from the University on this email address.

Students are also required to create an Active Directory Account (AD Account: This account will grant student access to various Online Learning platforms and vast University online resources)


Register for your courses on the Course Registration tab.

After This, What’s Next?

Applicants will receive an SMS alert once the registration process is confirmed.

For any inquiries, contact the UoN through the following details.

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