List of KMTC Courses & Programmes Offered

“Are you looking for the list of courses available at Kenya Medical Training College? Below we have the list available for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters, Certificate, Diploma, Distance Learning Programmes offered and more at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC).”

The KMTC Courses & Programmes is obtained from the official KMTC website as approved by the University Senate and Commission for University Education (CUE), therefore this post is accurate.

Before BeraPortal|Kenya Talks more on the list of courses and programme offered at the Kenya Medical Training College, KMTC, How many Faculties are there in the KMTC?” You might also want to know “How Many Departments Are There Under Each Faculty?” see below.

List of Academic Faculties at KMTC

There are (7) seven Faculties at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) altogether.

Table of Contents

List of Departments and Faculties


  1. Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  2. Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine


  1. Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  2. Department of Medical Imaging Sciences


  1. Department of Medical Education
  2. Department of Health Records and Information


  1. Department of Nursing


  1. Department of Pharmacy 5. Healthcare Entrepreneurship


  1. Department of Community Oral Health
  2. Department of Environmental Health Sciences
  3. Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
  4. Department of Health Promotion and Community Health


  1. Department of Dental Technology
  2. Department of Occupational therapy
  3. Department of Orthopaedic technology
  4. Department of Optometry
  5. Department of Physiotherapy
  6. Department of Medical engineering

Course & Programmes & Courses offered at KMTC

Academic Programs Offered at KMTC:

  • Clinical Medicine (diploma and higher diploma)
  • Community Nutrition ( certificate, diploma)
  • Community Oral Health (diploma)
  • Dental Technology (diploma)
  • Environmental Health Sciences ( certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  • Health Education and Promotion (diploma and higher diploma)
  • Health Records and Information (certificate and diploma)
  • Medical Education (higher diploma)
  • Medical Engineering (certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  • Medical Imaging Sciences (diploma and Higher diploma)
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences (diploma and higher diploma)
  • Nursing (certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  • Occupational therapy (diploma)
  • Optometry (diploma)
  • Orthopedic Technology (Certificate, diploma)
  • Orthopedic Trauma and Medicine (diploma)
  • Pharmacy (diploma and higher diploma)
  • Physiotherapy (diploma, higher diploma)
  • Health Systems Management (Higher diploma)

List of Short Courses at KMTC

  • HIV Training and Counseling Services (HTS)
  • Echocardiography
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • Safe Phlebotomy
  • Infection Prevention
  • First aid and basic life support
  • Sign Language for Health workers
  • Community Health and Development
  • Medical Engineering (Basic electronics)
  • Medical Engineering (Basic electrical wiring)
  • Medical Engineering (Refrigeration, air conditioning, and cold room)
  • Medical Engineering (Wielding and fabrication)
  • Food Hygiene and Inspection
  • Counseling skills for Healthcare Professionals

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  1. LYDIAH Njoki nthiga

    Hello am LYDIAH from embu have applied for certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine march intake 2021 with all qualifications ,would be happy if you can consider me

  2. Hy am chrispine odhiambo
    I got a c plain in my kcse examination, can I do certificate in community health nursing?

    • I have , c- in biology, c+ in kiswahili, c plain in maths and English, B- in history, B plain in cre, D plain in chemistry
      I need to do certificate in community health nursing, do I really qualify, and if I do, may you kindly help me, because I have tried to apply and I haven’t succeeded 😌😌

  3. If have put the academic year for 2021 march(2019/ 2020)wll I get the admission

  4. Hello..Am Atoot Robert, I had a c- in my KCSE and am interested to pursue a course in Nursing, will i be able to qualify for it after all i had D in chem, bio and kiswahili C-in english….kindly let me know id i can….

  5. The numbers we should call foe assistance are not working

  6. Hello I’m Derick Abdalla KRCHN
    I want to enquire about higher diploma intake 2021 haven’t seen the advert

  7. Hello am Sharon nyadenge and interested to do a medical course..I scored a C+ in both languages and D’S in math and science and I have a mean grade of C plain..which course do I qualify for?

  8. Am Shadrack ,scored C plain in KCSE exams ,Eng D ,Kis ,C-,MAT D,Bio C+,CHem C- ,geo C ,CRE B ,B/s B- ,Am I qualified to study certificate in community health nursing?


    Hi!this is miriam. I scored a mean grade of C plus ie English B-,Kiswahili B-,Maths D+,Biology D,Chemistry B+,Business B+ and CRE B-.Can I really join KMTC?

    • My name is John ndungu,I scored a mean grade of C+;Eng C,Kis C,Maths B-,Bio B-,Chem D . I’m looking forward to study diploma in Nursing

  10. Eager to join the faculty under health records

  11. Hello i have applied for September intake for certificate orthopedic and Trauma medicine are the admission latters out?

  12. Am Judith chelangat,,,I got C minus can I do certificate in nursing

  13. Apply for September intake 2022. For a certificate course in nursing

  14. Iam Faith Cherono and I scored a C in kcse. I wish to take a course in orthopedic and trauma medicine. I had tried to apply but I never got any feedback. Please help if there is an intake in January if or March

  15. Am David and hand a mean score of c+ in kcse with B IN PHYSICS/MATHS, B- CHEMISTRY, C+ ENGLISH AND B- BILOGY, can i pursue Bachelor in pharmacy?

  16. Philiph ilimo ibuya

    Will mathematics replace chemistry

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