Ghana National Service International Enrolment Form

On this page, Ghanaian nationals who graduated from International schools can apply as an individual to be mobilized for National Service.

Please Consider the Following Guidelines to Submit Your Individual Application:

  • Only Ghanaian nationals can apply for national service.
  • Graduates from Ghanaian universities MUST have graduated at least 1 year prior to the service year they seek to join.
  • All current year graduates can only enrol for national service through their institution of study.
  • International graduates must have fully completed their studies, with results published to enrol for NSS.

How to Apply Individually for Ghana Graduates from International Schools

First, navigate to

on the right side of the screen, there is a displayed form

You will have an option to choose whether you are a ‘New User’ or ‘Already Created an Account’

As a ‘new user’, you’ll need to sign up by filling in the required details to get the form.

while as an ‘Already Created an Account’ user, it means you have signed up before, so, you’ll need to log in with your User ID and password to get the enrolment form.

Please review Guidance on completing your Individual Enrolment Application, for more information.

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