How To Registration Online at Ghana NSS without ID

To register for Ghana national service enrolment, You’ll be required to sign in first.

Having following the NSS registration procedure, you’ll be required to choose a means of identification by entering the ID number of a supported ID card.

The NSS Supported ID Cards are; A Voters ID, National ID, SSNIT ID, Driver’s Licence or a Ghanaian Passport.

What if for some reason, you do not have any of the cards 🤷🏽‍♀️ Have you misplaced it, or have you not acquired one yet? Either way, the system would not allow you to move into the enrollment form until you have provided a means of identification.

For any of these reasons, to register online for Ghana National Service with no ID or Rejected ID, these three different steps below are the workaround;

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STEP 1: If You have Misplaced Your voter’s ID

Go to the electoral commission district or regional office in the town where you registered the card and request just the ID number by providing them with your full name.

Remember that all you need as a means of identification is the ID number, not the card itself. Be humble as they are not obliged to provide you with that information.

After getting the ID number, you can move on to enter it on the enrollment page to verify your identity and register.

STEP 2:  If You Do Not Have Any Of The Cards

Go to an SSNIT office and request an SSNIT card.

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) will not give you the card because you need it, therefore, you must satisfy a condition.

They’ll require a letter of appointment from an employer that shows you have been recently employed. And that your employer is ready to pay your SSNIT contribution.

How Do You Get an Appointment Letter?

Any registered business can give you an appointment letter, eg. An MTN mobile money vendor business that’s registered at a district assembly or similar authority.

Your position of employment, employment date and all that is required of the appointment letter must be present, therefore, to have a great idea of what an appointment letter is, see – “Ghana Appointment letter“.

SSNIT card takes almost a month, but it’s not the card that you need, you need an SSNIT number, therefore after registering with Social Security and National Insurance Trust, you will receive your SSNIT Number in a week’s time.

With the SSNIT ID number, you can move on to enter it on the enrollment page to verify your identity and register.

STEP 3: Get A Passport

The third option is to apply for a passport.

This is not the safest option since we all know that even the expedited application takes more than a month. By then the national service enrollment would have been closed. Unless you have a connection man to fast track the process.

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