How to Get Posted to Preferred Institution by Ghana NSS Without Charges

Still, wondering how to get the Ghana national service secretariat to post you to your institution of choice without paying a dime?

If your year batch is yet to register, simply check out the most this article on how to have free registration.


The Ghana national service secretariat officially does not post people to their institutions of choice during the posting period, Therefore, dealing with any middleman is at your own risk.

You might be posted to where you want but upon reaching there you are told to go for re-posting since the place is full, There are no refunds of money.

As of the 2018/2019 service year, the middlemen charged 300 Cede, this amount has increased over 50% every year.

You can get posted to your institution of choice for free. Yes, for free. Here is how. This is for educational institutions but may apply to other non-educational institutions.

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Posting to Preferred Institution for National Service without Fee

All you need for your National Service posting after your registration is an assurance letter from your institution of choice with your national service ID in the heading of the letter.

STEP 1: Stamping and Signing of Assurance Letter

After successful online registration, the NSS identifies you with your national service ID number. Let your institution of choice type and print you an assurance letter stamped and signed by the institution’s head, assistant or the right person responsible for endorsing such letters.

Please be aware NOT to send your Assurance Letter through EMS as it can take up to a week to arrive.

STEP 2: Send The Letter Yourself

Send the assurance letter to the head office in Accra yourself a day or two after the online registration ends, not to your regional office because all postings are done at the head office in Accra.

STEP 3: Submitting and studying your letter

When you arrive at the head office, do not give the assurance letter to the people over the counter. This is because when there are a lot of people there, attention will not be given to it. Try to enter through the door, then say you are submitting a letter from an institution.

keep a study eye to see where Your letter is placed. Your letter is in good hands when it’s removed from the envelope and added to other letters OR when it’s added to other letters without being removed from the envelope. You would know this by keeping a study eye to see where it was placed.

STEP 4: Weldone!

With this done your placement is assured. Most National Service alumni did this in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 service years and got posted without paying a dime.

Try this, you got all the luck you need.

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