How To Get Ghana NSS Assurance Letter For Posting After Registration

To get an assurance letter for the Ghana National Service Posting after your NSS Registration, there are two options to follow;

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Option One

The easiest way of getting an assurance letter from your institution of choice as prospective national service personnel is by offering your internship at this institution of choice, prior to or during your final year. After completion of your internship, request an assurance letter.

Note that; You should be making enquiries on how to get an assurance letter earlier in your internship days. You should be connecting with staff and relating well with them.

Option Two

The second way is to know someone who knows someone 🙄 Someone you know and who knows you; A brother or an uncle might be in good relations with someone at your institution of choice. They could just contact them and see you through.

Note that option two is somewhat getting out of the law, therefore, we will always want you to choose the right way to achieving an assurance letter.

Option Three

The third option is to contribute towards a developmental project or event in the institution. If it is a senior high school, you can give a token towards a project they unveil at a speech and prize-giving day or PTA meeting.

That will be a reference point when requesting the assurance letter. This is obviously not the best option but letting a known staff stand in for you would be easier 😶.

Please note that;

While requesting the Assurance letter, it is very important that you go in person. Otherwise, if you are asked to put it in writing, also present it by hand.

Posting and receiving replies takes time.

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