Things To Note When Filling The Ghana NSS Enrolment Form 2022/2023


As it has always been, one must follow a particular guideline to achieve a particular goal, the same applies to the Ghana National Service. Candidates must follow these guiding principles below in other to fill a form without careless error.

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From signing in process to posting checking and requesting an NSS certificate, there is detailed information that well explained the procedure, therefore, we have taken it as a duty to inform every anticipating NSS Enrollment candidate of the things to note before enrolling in the 2022/2023 service year.

Know This Before Filling the NSS Enrolment Form


The Ghana National Service, NSS requires that you enter your date of birth when checking your pin code and when signing in to begin the registration on the national service portal.

The date of birth you enter must be the same as the date of birth you used when you applied for the institution you are attending as the system would compare the date of birth you provided to the date of birth your school has provided them with. Note that you cannot get your national service pin code or begin the registration if it does not match.


Make sure you provide the Ghana Post GPS address of your residence if you are going to follow the step in the following article Get NSS Institution Of Choice Without Paying A Dime to get posted to an institution of choice for free.

Make sure your Ghana post GPS address is a residence around the environs of the institution of choice, that does not necessarily have to be your residence.


Enter “No” for the “have military training option” and do not fill the shirt size and height option if you don’t want to be posted for military training or traffic attendant.

If you fill this option and your detail matches such criteria, you will be posted for such job, do that if you want that.


Educational support is for those who would like to work in the education sector, while Business support is for those who would like to work in the industrial sector. and Entrepreneurship is for those who would like to be assisted to set up their own enterprises.


Note that the picture you upload on the applicant information page is going to be the picture you will see on your NSS certificate after completion of service, so make sure that it’s a nice and official passport picture.


You Would Be Required to Enter a Means of Verification: Voter ID, National ID, SSNIT ID, or Passport. Be aware that health insurance is not allowed as of the 2018/2019 service year onward.

Your name on the ID card must match the name provided by your school to the NSS secretariat. If all the names do not match you cannot access the NSS enrollment form in the next step.

For example, if your full name is Yaw Manu Antwi but for some reason, the name on the ID you entered is Kofi Smith Yeboah, then the system would not let you register. But don’t panic there is a way around this.

 ➡ Read – How To Register If Your ID Is Rejected During NSS Online Registration.

Having Trouble understanding?

We advise that you see the Ghana NSS attention immediately – National Service Secretariat Contact Details.



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