How to Know that You Have Been Placed by KUCCPS

To find out the university or the college and course you have been admitted into, log in to your KUCCPS account and the details will be on the dashboard.

How Do I Check My Admission Status for Kuccps?

The comon way to check your admission status is through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service, KUCCPS Student online portal.

Proceed to use the procedure below to check your placement results;

STEP 1: Visit KUCCPS Portal via

STEP 2: Click on ‘LOGIN’

STEP 3: Enter your KCSE number

STEP 4: Enter your KCSE year

STEP 5: Enter your password (Your birth certificate number/KCPE index number(as used in KCSE Exams Registration) is your default password.

STEP 6: Click on ‘SUBMIT’

After a successful login, a congratulation message will display on your dashboard telling you that you have been admitted as well as stating the institution and the course admitted to study. Thereafter, proceed to download your admission letter from the KUPCCPS portal.

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  1. Charles Ogwedhi Omeno

    I would like to join please, how can I do it?

  2. Charles Ogwedhi Omeno

    When will the kuccps admission letters be out?

  3. So far I haven’t received any placement notification ,,

  4. I need my admission letter

  5. Not yet received mine 🙄

  6. I would like to join there

  7. Not received mine😓😓😓what might be the problem

  8. Kamau peter Gacheru

    Good services.How and when to kbow my placement please.

  9. When will we get our admission letter

  10. My password failed to open my portal. What should be next step to open the portal. My name is Fabian Okoth Aloyce and I studied at Cardinal Otunga High School Mosocho

  11. How will I know that I have successfully applied for kuccp?

  12. I just loged in but i did not get a message on my dashboard

  13. Rama mtsoma hamisi

    I haven’t received my placement notification

  14. Did 2015 kcse student placed,i applied and no admissions letter yet i qualified for the programs i applied for

  15. Kikunga Moses kyalo

    Not yet to receive a notification

  16. Am sabina kindly where am I placed

  17. I haven’t received mine still😪

  18. Mukunzu Patricia mumbee

    Not yet received my placement

  19. I haven’t seen any placement notification 🤔what could be the problem 🤔🤔

  20. Patiency Nekesa

    How do I know if I have been placed in a University by kuccps.

  21. Same here and am trying to log in but it’s just showing server error 500???

  22. I have not received my placement yet

  23. Comment:i hv not yet received of mine

  24. Ngiko frorence mutethya

    I applied for kuccps but I did not get any notification on the revision of the courses. Will the kuccps place me if I didn’t revise??

  25. not received mine too

  26. Frachiah wanjiru kamau

    I have not received my replacement

  27. Admissions reduces illiteracy and crime rate

  28. omwaka joyce emitekwa

    Comments l have not yet received my admission letter. lt makes me feel worried.

  29. linet wambui mwagi

    don i stand a chance to apply now

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